It’s officially official. Earth is screwed. And we screwed it up. So I am using this Twitter thread/Facebook rant/Instagram photo of someone standing in flood water to say that we NEED climate change action and we need it now. And I am urging you to urge others as well.

My plea includes absolutely nothing about how to adjust your daily commute/energy consumption/lifestyle habits in order to try and lead a more environmentally friendly existence. I am merely urging you to PLEASE share this status or retweet this tweet to ensure that this imperative message is seen by more and more people who will nod their head in frustrated agreement before sharing or retweeting themselves and urging their followers to share or retweet, too.

Luckily, we still have a little bit of time to make a status about needing to do something before the rising oceans drown us and the dried up crops starve those who survived the drownings. But thirteen years from now, when the worst-case scenarios of irreversible, runaway climate change have destroyed our Internet connections, we’ll no longer be able to post about demanding action.

All these natural disasters aren’t going to stop just because we’ve ditched our plastic straws. We have to BROADCAST to our friends and followers that we’ve mostly stopped using plastic straws—especially if they’re the only unnecessary piece of plastic we’ve managed to almost, kind of, completely eliminate from our day-to-day lives.

What’s that? You haven’t used straws for a long time but have never posted about the need for ALL of us to stop using them? And you only eat meat once a week but never tweeted out a clip of Natalie Portman promoting her food documentary, “Eating Animals?” AND you recycle without bragging on Instagram that you’re only doing your part to help keep clean “the only home we have”?

Honestly, you might as well be hosing oil all over whatever’s left of our rainforests. Not posting about the need for climate change action is tantamount to building a Pacific Ocean-sized factory built entirely from the carcasses of ocean mammals that’s powered by logging, and beef consumption.

Because as long as we continue to use technology to talk about how much we want climate change action, the Earth is sure to hear the collective weight of our passive roars and say to itself, “Wow they must really, really want climate change to stop. I guess I can readjust my entire geological makeup to keep sustaining the industrial practices that have been killing me for decades. I’ve probably been too dramatic anyway. Haha, whoops!”

So write five words, write 5,000 words. FLOOD it with emotion, let it BURN with passion, use MELTING ICEBERGS to leave your Facebook friends with a chill. Make it long, make it repetitive, make it devoid of any actionable steps or links on how to learn more about your local and state governments’ plans to curb fossil fuel dependency. But make it NOW and make sure to make it with randomly capitalized WORDS in order to EMPHASIZE the urgency of which we need to URGE.

We just can’t continue on like this without telling everyone we know that we can’t continue on like this.