If you’re a woman age 281/2 (we know you are), you’ve purchased at least one luxury handbag in the past six months (we know you have), and you just Googled “help, there’s an inch of water in my basement” (we know you did), then we have great news girlfriend!

There’s no need to press the panic button—or let a wet basement dampen your style. Chances are good (literally 80% certain) it’s your sump pump that’s the culprit. And Marque de Mode, purveyors of famously wearable/sharable handbags, shoes and accessories has you covered with some simple tips to get your basement dryer than a martini at Café Montague.

Wait, what?

Ok, right, so let’s back up a second.

Since mid-March, 2017, Marque de Mode has been the go-to luxury brand for chic, fashion-forward 281/2  year olds. Our artfully designed, altogether urbane handbags are blowing up and considered essential by our paid Internet influencers. You might also know us from our blatant product placement on the smash-hit reality TV series, Beautiful People Doing Things.

But about that water in your basement, right?

Like most millennial gals, you’re probably thinking, what’s a sump pump? Is that even a thing?

Here’s the skinny: a sump pump is an AC pump (typically submersible) that rests inside a basin two or three feet deep at the low point of your basement. It works to keep your basement dry by pumping excess water, fed by perimeter drains, through a discharge pipe away from your home’s foundation. It’s typically hardwired or connected to power via a ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) outlet.

Spoiler alert: because the water in your basement is for realz, it’s safe to say your sump pump has taken a powder. Epic fail!

Where to start?

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Once you’ve made it to basement level, first check to see that electrical power is running to the sump pump motor. If you’re unsure, take a look at the breakers in your fuse box (this is typically a grey metal box affixed to your basement wall, often behind an old refrigerator). You may simply need to replace a fuse or throw the breaker switch to restore power. If you hear your sump pump start to hum, you’re on your way back to complete basement bliss!

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Still standing in an inch of water?

The struggle is real! Chances are the sump pump float ball is stuck on something. You can raise the float manually to activation height to test the switch. While you’re at it, remove the screen from the bottom of the pump and make sure the impeller is moving freely. Carefully remove any obstructions.

You may notice that water immediately begins draining from your basement. High five yourself. That’s straight fire!

Phew, what a lot of dirty work. Time for some serious retail therapy, and guess what girl, you’re in luck! Right now, when you buy any three of our Gowanus Structured Totes, you’ll get 14% off with promo code SUMP17. (Bonus: Shipping is FREE!)

Or, if your basement is still flooded and the sump pump is humming, but not pumping water, try drilling a 1/16th to 1/8th inch anti-airlock hole in the pipe just above the pump’s discharge and just below the check valve. If that doesn’t work, and you think the discharge pipe is partially or fully blocked, it might be because you have too many 90-degree elbows in the discharge system. In that case, you can simply swap in new 45-degree elbows, which you can easily find in the plumbing section of most major hardware stores.

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We hope you’ve found these sump pump troubleshooting tips helpful. Knowing what to do when your basement floods is totally clutch—pun intended!

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Happy housekeeping!