Get ready to fall in love with this charming two-bed, two-bath Cape Cod in the heart of the city! With beautifully refinished hardwoods throughout, a full eat-in dining room, ample closet space, and breathtaking views of one of the city’s most beloved parks, this house truly must be seen to be believed! Boasting a newly fenced-in back patio, a spacious two-car garage, and a brand new roof as of 2021, this little gem won’t be on the market for long. This ornate home, perfect for young families or retirees looking to downsize, features two full-sized bedrooms, a finished basement, and of course, a Paul Reiser Room.

With a generous 1700 square feet of living space, this gorgeous Cape Cod provides old-world charm and elegance, intertwined with necessary modern finishes. Almost all of the living spaces are adorned with the original crown molding and are flooded with natural light. The exception to this being the Paul Reiser Room, where the molding has been removed and the windows have been covered to make space for movie memorabilia and general Reiser knick-knacks. This room also differs from other rooms in the home in that it features multiple bronze Paul Reiser statues bolted directly to the floor, each one, made more sturdy and lifelike than the next. Close in proximity to some of the city's best amenities including restaurants, shops, parks, we’re very hopeful this quaint and lovable little spot could be your forever home.

So let’s discuss the elephant, or shall we say “The Reiser in the room,” or as the current homeowners have taken to calling it, The Reiser Room. We’ve mentioned it a few times, so by this point, you’re probably wondering what it is! Well, most likely it’s exactly what you think it is: a full room inside this wonderful Cape Cod home that is dedicated to the acting talents of
66-year old-New-York-actor Paul Reiser. We’re talking film posters, cardboard cutouts from beloved roles, books, murals, throw blankets, it’s all here and it’s all Reiser. Best known for his work in Mad About You, Aliens, Diner, and more recent television shows like The Boys and The Kominsky Method, this 12-foot by 12-foot room operates as both a shrine and a museum to the talents of the 11-time Emmy nominee.

Now, you might be thinking, no big deal, we can renovate The Reiser Room into something more useful, like an extra bedroom, a full bath, or even a playroom. Nope! The buyer is adamant that whoever purchases this home retains The Reiser Room in all of its original glory. As dictated in the purchase agreement, the only augmentations or updates that are permitted in The Paul Reiser Room are the adding of additional memorabilia or displays showcasing the actor’s more recent work, like Stranger Things or that new Beverly Hills Cop that’s supposed to be coming out.

As realtors, we know this has been a strange one! It’s not uncommon to have to tiptoe around undesirable aspects of certain homes. But that’s usually things like outdated light fixtures or a general “cat” smell, as opposed to an unauthorized and clearly pretty expensive collection of props and photos from the guy who had the other popular NBC sitcom during the 1990s. Now don’t get me wrong, we respect Paul Reiser and have, quite honestly, learned a great deal about him in working to sell this house. An acclaimed actor, writer, and stand-up comedian, Paul Reiser truly is a multi-hyphenate entertainer who experienced considerable successes in the '80s and '90s and has carved out a solid career as a character actor over the past decade or so. But an entire room in a home dedicated to his career has, thus far, been a tough sell.

With all that said, this home is prized with the “Reiser of it all” in mind. And hey, maybe it’s not so bad! Back in the '90s, when Reiser was at his peak, folks would flock to Planet Hollywood to stuff their face with frozen chicken tenders while they stared at Jim Carey’s Riddler suit from Batman Forever or chow down on really bad pizza while the Volkswagen Beetle from the Herbie films suspended from the ceiling above them. Imagine having an experience like that but instead of it encompassing the entire history of Hollywood, it would be just about the guy from One Night at McCool’s and instead of someone making lackluster food for you, you would get to make it for yourself. Sounds pretty good, right? Or hey, here’s another thought: you could purchase the home, look inside The Paul Reiser room once, turn out the lights, close the door and never step foot inside again. Both viable options!

So come and check out this stunning Cape Cod today that offers a unique slice of pop culture history! Open house today or tomorrow or really whenever you want to see this house and that God-forsaken Paul Reiser room.