This Christmas I gave the MXB39FLB7 to my grandmother and she exploded. I contacted Corpobrothers and the customer service representative said it sounded like a user application error. But this was not the case. The MXB39FLB7 had clearly malfunctioned.

I have plenty of experience with these systems. I had an MXB39FLA3 for years, recently upgraded to the MXB39FLB7, and never experienced any problems. The audio and video quality are superior to those of any models in its price range; its high BPM capability and the N9 LCD display module put it in a class of its own.

Best of all, it is GCDVS3 compatible and you can use it to convert 943Bs if you have an R5 and a LMNOP fuzzy bumwick cable or a SUB-L3 hookup. And all the buttons feel nice.

But I noticed that when my grandmother powered on her MXB39FLB7 it made a series of uncharacteristic clicking sounds prior to her detonation. I explained this to the customer service representative and he said the MXB39FLB7 may not even have been related to Nana. I said of course not because she was never remotely GCDVS3 compatible. His reply was that Corpobrothers bore no responsibility for Nana but that if the MXB39FLB7 was under warranty I could still obtain a refund.

But the unit was fine, as far as I could tell, and I hadn’t purchased the warranty. Now I see that this was a mistake.

I am afraid to turn on this MXB39FLB7 again. And despite the disposal of all her parts, and a thorough cleaning of the premises, we still occasionally find Nana pieces between couch cushions and elsewhere.

So even though I greatly admire Corpobrothers, its products, and its customer service, I have to conclude that I would not repeat purchase of the MXB39FLB7. I can only give this product one star.