Many people say aliens are a myth, others believe they are here already and have abducted human beings to carry out strange and often intimate probings and experiments upon us. I have acquired, at no small cost, a remarkable piece of audio tape, the transcript of which I am posting below. This is a real conversation held under hypnosis between a psychologist and a middle-aged man claiming to have been abducted and experimented on by aliens.

Of course, the establishment deny it is proof of an abduction, even in their desperation, saying the man is merely reliving a trip to the dentist and got a bit confused after having a bad reaction to the anesthetic.

Judge for yourselves. The truth is out there…

The following is a transcript of actual conversation held under hypnosis somewhere in southern England.

You are in a deep sleep and will answer my questions. It is last Thursday afternoon, where are you now?

I'm driving my car it’s— it’s crap, a Nissan Micra, eight years old, bile green in color. I have one bald tire.

What happens next?

I— I am, I am being overtaken by a fucking moped— wanker, I'll have you over, you tosser!

Move on. What happens next?

I am somehow out of my car, I remember kicking it. I enter a portal, there is a chemical smell and I am invited to enter a brightly lit room. I don't want to go in but I find myself heading towards it anyway.

Now strapped in, no not actually physically restrained, but compelled to be there against my will, in a— what feels like a material rather like leather, an upright couch or structure with a head restraint.

A chair?

Possibly, but an alien chair.

Is anyone with you?

One, no two, masked beings I think they are male and female they both wear similar shiny white tunics and masks, I can only see their large terrible eyes.

How can you tell they are a male and female?

One has what appear to be breasts, or possibly a hump, a terrible alien hump, but at the front rather than the back where a human hump would be.

What happens next?

Oh God, oh my God!


I just realized I got overtaken by a fucking moped.

No, in the chairwhat happens?

A needle, he's coming towards me.

Pain, fear, pain.

Fuck me, though, a MOPED!

Please concentrate.

Probes. I'm being probed, high-speed drilling, burning smell making me gag.

The female keeps squirting liquid. There is a terrible taste in my mouth.

And suction— a suction thing, slurping and making a horrible noise, an alien noise. Fear and discomfort, disorientation, a need to gag.

Bright dazzling light in my eyes.

What now?

They cover my eyes, mute the terrible ray, it is a kindness.

They now have something in my mouth, on my tongue.

Does it cause pain?

No, they have numbed me somehow. My tongue feels swollen and numbed. It felt like this as soon as they administered the terrible huge needle thing into my gums.

What happens?

Blank— blankness, then they bid me drink a pink liquid. By telepathy I am instructed to spit it out and not swallow, there is a round white porcelain like structure— as I spit I see my blood mixed with the alien pink liquid.

Now no further memory— blank. I am back in my car, I do not know how I got there, an hour has passed.

How do you feel?

Numb. My whole face numb.

What happens next?

No oh God, Jesus no, not that.


I just got overtaken by a little old lady driving a Datsun!

Interview one under hypnosis ends.