Psychologically, most of us are not always thrilled with spending money on some things. Remember the first time you purchased something, say on Amazon or even deposited for the first time at a betting site.

Probably, it took some time before you made that decision. After the first purchase, subsequent purchases become easier. This is the psychology mobile websites use.

The sites give you bonuses for your first deposit, and sometimes may go up to the third, fourth, or fifth deposits. The rewards motivate you to enter the iGaming arena, and below is a breakdown of how they affect your decision-making.

How Rewards Influence New Players

The striking welcome bonuses at most mobile gaming websites motivate many players to make their first deposit. Notably, this powerful tool helps casinos convert new players into regular customers.

Moreover, it's clear that the bonuses act as the motivating factor that push players to the online gaming arena. Largely, this explains why most gamers tend to consider sites with big welcome bonuses.

Some sites use another trick, where they come up with great rewards at limited timeframes. Many new players find these offers enticing, impacting them to join the casinos to enjoy the available perks.

Without these offers, online casinos would perhaps not experience the current massive growth. So, the best mobile casino bonuses attract new players as well as allow sites to maintain a broad customer base.

Loss Aversion

Most players hate losing, and we are confident that's the case with you. However, when it comes to mobile gaming, losing is almost inevitable. Psychologically, it affects most people more when they lose $20 than when they gain the same.

Several studies suggest that losing is twice as painful as the excitement of winning. So, mobile gaming bonuses use the fact every time. That's why you will find mobile casinos giving you cashback/rebate on some of your losses.

The idea of such offers is to motivate you to keep on playing the mobile games that excite you. With cashback, you get a percentage of your losses back, for instance, 20% up to $100.

In the above scenario, it means you can get a maximum of $100 back in bonus funds. That affects your decision-making by encouraging you to place more bets using the cashback.

The Psychology of Reciprocity

Primarily, mobile gaming bonuses hook into the dominant social part of your brain. Most humans believe that we must return a favor to those who give us something. Therefore, casinos give you bonuses, in the hope you will join them for your mobile gaming needs.

Surprisingly, this works perfectly, and sometimes you may find yourself depositing more or playing a game because your casino gave you a bonus. Websites go the extra mile to give you loyalty rewards.

Through VIP clubs, you feel valued and appreciated, further affecting your decision-making. You will want to remain a loyal gamer because you are certain you will receive an appreciation package at the end of the day.

Rewards tend to hit numerous psychological mechanisms, which is what casinos intend. They dominate the industry, helping casinos to gain customers who reciprocate what they receive through bonuses by placing more bets.

Using Player Engagement for Motivation

Casino bonuses, though not all increase player engagement, which is essential to motivating people to play more and more. Engaging players involves boosting the interaction, immersion and enjoyment you experience while playing a mobile.

Psychologically, engaged players tend to play games for longer hours and spend their money on particular games. For games with in-app purchases, it's easier for a player to make a purchase if their site engages them through mobile bonuses.

Further, player engagement creates customer satisfaction, leading to client retention, a vital thing for any gaming site looking to survive in the competitive gaming world. And when you are satisfied, the chances of you deciding to recommend your friends and family is high.

Mobile gaming websites use several reward mechanisms to promote player engagement, including:

  • Leaderboards – these competitions allow you to get a share of a prize pool for finishing in a certain position. Most leaderboard competitions award up to the first fifty winners, with the top three getting lucrative prizes.
  • Tournaments – Yet another popular method of keeping you engaged. Casinos host tournaments on various mobile games, and to win, you must play the qualified games and be among the top gamers.
  • Customization – In its simplest form, this is a reward system where your casino will give you a reward specifically tailored to your needs. For example, if you play slots more, a casino might tie the promotion to the online slot you play most.

Popular Mobile Casino Bonuses

Now that you have seen how mobile bonuses motivate you to join a given site and become a loyal player, let's briefly look at the bonuses offered by most websites.

Welcome bonuses are the first ever perks you will get from a casino. A welcome bonus, in most cases, gets you bonus funds and free game rounds. Besides, it takes the form of a match-deposit, meaning casinos boost the amount you deposit with a specific percentage.

Although not that common, some casinos have no deposit welcome bonuses, allowing you to get a reward without risking your money. Next, you will find reload offers, and these could be daily, weekly, or monthly. As the name suggests, they are the bonuses you get for subsequent deposits.

Free spins/games are also popular. They enable you to play a specific game at the casino's expense. Other common promotions include:

  • Referral bonuses
  • VIP Club rewards
  • Cashback promotions
  • Live casino bonuses, and more.

Moreover, if you claim a bonus, ensure you keep the following in mind:

  • All bonuses have an expiration duration, after which your mobile site will forfeit the bonus and its winnings.
  • Mobile gaming websites give bonuses with wagering requirements, which are simply the number of times you must play your bonus to make a withdrawal. If you can't satisfy such terms within the given timeframe, you will lose the offer as well as its wins.