Despite a promising premise, The Altitude Between Us never reaches its heights.”

“About as entertaining as a miniature bag of pretzels.”

“Reading The Altitude Between Us proved to be a bumpy and turbulent process.”

“In a crowded genre, it fails to soar.”

The Altitude Between Us never quite takes off.”

“With monotonous passages that seem to drone on and on, it felt at a certain point like the author himself had switched to auto-pilot.”

“Features unlikable and undeveloped characters that propelled me to put the book down almost immediately.”

The Altitude Between Us might be better served as a flotation device than a piece of literature.”

“Just plane bad.”

“This teenage love story had me heading toward the emergency exit.”

“Only a few stiff cocktails could make this flight palatable.”

“While I largely found the plot meandering and dull, I was, by the end, somewhat invested in the outcome. Unfortunately, The Altitude Between Us couldn’t quite stick the landing.”

“What an awful trip!”

“As a narrative, it never gets off the ground.”

“From the opening chapter, I found myself thrust into boredom.”

The Altitude Between Us offers little in the form of in-flight entertainment.”