We're pushing Tax Day back a little bit from April 15 this year. What do you guys think, maybe May? June? Ok I'm hearing December but keep in mind we just fronted you a stack so we're gonna need to keep this realistic. Anyway, we'll figure it out.

Hit the link in our bio for a bunch of forms. Keep in mind they're now numbered alphabetically. Sorry about the mess, ughhh.

We are no longer accepting H&R Block for online filing. Please use the other one (blanking on the name right now… Fast & Furious? No, Trumbo? Limbo Tax? Something like that. God, it'll probably come to me as soon as I publish this thing too).

If you don't have a legal middle name, you will now be required to add one. It can be your mother's maiden name, the street you grew up on, your most commonly used password, anything really. The weirder the better—some of these returns are SO DRY you wouldn't believe.

Filing statuses have been consolidated into fewer options to reflect what's really going on behind closed doors: “Single & Loving It,” “Alone,” and “Married 🙄.”

Dependents will now be expected to file their returns independently. The union fought really hard against this one but ultimately it came down to a beloved case of irony, and seeing kids do a lot more for themselves last year.

I think ya'll are gonna be really excited about this one: you can now round up OR down on any .5's, your choice. YOU'RE WELCOME!

If you had a small business last year, shhhhh…. no you didn't… riight? We got you 😉

All stock dividends must also be claimed as gambling income. Sorry, but ya'll are having way too much fun with this stuff.

Don't worry about state income tax this time. We're gonna have a little sit-down with some of these states about their behavior last year. Unbelievable.

Filers may now check ONE extra box that doesn't apply to them. Not gonna lie, there's a lot going on in these forms, and we know there's a temptation to fudge some stuff, so we're building in a cheat code as a big THANK YOU for putting up with all this crap.

Due to popular demand, health insurance is on the house. APRIL FOOL'S!