1. Where'd that scream come from?

2. He entered through the gate.

3. How'd this stain end up on the chaise lounge?

4. Being here meant being surrounded by animals.

5. Let's bag up this barbecue.

6. What kind of animal defecates there?

7. Smoking was the only reprieve I could get.

8. Such sophisticated slaughter for human eyes to behold…

9. Get these kids outta here!

10. It chilled the spine, but heat washed over my face as I pulled back the lid.

11. These days you never know what these people are going to bring to the table.

12. So many faces come and go. It's like every moment some newbie materializes at the yard.

13. You just hope you can get through one more hour without the return of that eye tic.

14. An alarm is going off while the flames continue to burn and the smoke rises above the unknowing homes.

15. Flies buzzed around the raw flesh. I tried to keep them away, out of human decency.

16. So much red everywhere: on the flesh, on towels, in containers — some even got on my face.

17. The dog started licking the raw meat and everyone simultaneously moved to dissuade the hound.

18. The environment takes its toll. The long hours on your feet, the questions about where things are, all the details and ingredients involved in such a job…

19. Strangers walk by surveying the scene, their noses piqued at the aromas wafting out into the unsuspecting world. On instinct they know what we're here for is a heavy, serious business and that the smell is part of it.

20. You have to plan ahead working a scene like this. You need the right tools, supplies, and attention to detail in order to satisfy the judgmental “high-ups.”

21. Everyone's a critic with their own theories on how to perform these duties. It's a serious business that many take for granted. They assume it ain't that hard, but mark my words: the yard is hard.

Backyard BBQ: 1-21
Scotland Yard Murder Investigation: 1-21
Nolan Yard: Author