• You are a surgeon on your way to perform a quintuple heart bypass.
  • You've been dying to try out your new Philip Glass novelty horn.
  • You're warning me about the grizzly bear in my blind spot.
  • You're using Morse Code to ask me out on a date.
  • You're getting the baby geese on the side of the road to imprint on your Tesla.
  • You've been struck by a bolt of lightning which altered your perception of time, so you think the traffic light turned green six hours ago.
  • The green light is giving you a flashback to the Leprechaun War.
  • You have been sent from the future to get me out of the way of the drunk driver who is about to sideswipe me, so that I can father the girl who will save the Earth when it is attacked by giant space rabbits.
  • In your other blind spot there's Cthulhu.
  • Somebody chopped off your head and it fell on the steering wheel.
  • You and your adopted baby geese have formed a crime-fighting team called the Goose Patrol, and you're in a hurry to go fight some crimes.
  • You're late for a meeting at the Discovery Channel to pitch the true story of your life with the Goose Patrol.
  • The Goose Patrol show has made you so rich that you never have to work again, or be anywhere at any particular time. You just like honking.
  • Killer bees.