“[Karen] Pence will teach elementary art two days a week at Immanuel Christian School in northern Virginia, her office announced.”

CNN, January 17, 2019

1. Conversion Therapy Copper

2. Cerulean Hate

3. Repressed Husband Celestial Blue

4. Sea-Green Self-Loathing

5. Kim Davis

6. Brown Anchor Baby

7. Partial Birth Abortion Red-Orange

8. Washed in the Blood of the Lamb Red

9. I Can Tolerate Misogyny Maroon

10. Leviticus Lavender

11. Moral Purity Plum

12. Beware of Beelzebub Sky Blue

13. Heterosexual Marriage White

14. Family Values Forest Green

15. Pat Robertson

16. Unborn Baby Blue

17. Westboro Baptist Blue

18. Coulter

19. Homophobia

20. Silver Scripture

21. Papal Purple

22. Defend the Family Green

23. Violence Against Gays Violet

24. Burnt Orange Hate Crime

25. Mephistopheles Is Real Pink

26. Roger Ailes

27. In God We Trust Navy Blue

28. Scarlet Bigotry

29. Canary Intolerance

30. Mother Hasn’t Had Dick in Quite Some Time Lime Green

31. Fred Phelps Fuchsia

32. Leather Bound Bible with Gold Leaf Pages Gold

33. Jerry Falwell Tan

34. Salmon Repentance

35. Razzmatazz Jesus

36. Gospel Green

37. Old Testament Teal

38. Holy Spirit Aquamarine

39. Wives Be Submissive to Your Husbands Sepia

40. Vivid Virgin

41. Pro-Life Purple

42. Heavenly Green

43. Sheldon Adelson Burnt Umber

44. All Lives Matter White

45. Framers Fern

46. Lemon Libtard

47. Triggered Gray

48. Patriot Ultrawhite

49. Working Families White

50. Constitution Beige

51. I Just Love Tomi Lahren Blonde

52. Intelligent Design

53. Strict Constructionist Cornflower

54. God Bless America White

55. Fossil Fuels

56. Black Thug

57. War On Christmas Red

58. Stand for the Flag

59. Forced Diversity Middle White

60. True American Values Medium White

61. Salvation Bright White

62. Maximum Bias

63. Ingraham

64. Migrationshintergrund Maize

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