Pop Star Duel

The biggest pop stars of each country face off in a head-to-head singing showdown. However, the judges will be the arena staff and the actual competition is who the biggest diva was behind the scenes.

Slave Trade?

If your country participated in the slave trade, they automatically lose. In the event that both teams lose, that seed is eliminated from the tournament.

Presidential Thumb War

The country leaders play a game of thumb war in front of the entire world. The losing country loses more than just a World Cup match.

Law of Averages

The team with the tallest height average wins. The shorts get a ticket home.

Old Tweets

The team that has the least amount of problematic tweets loses.

And the Flop Goes to…

Each team submits one player to display the most realistic injury. The player that creates the biggest dramatic performance wins.

Elvis Trip

Did Elvis visit your country? This pity win applies only to the United States and Canada.

The Obvious One

With extra time on the clock, the game stays the same until the first team scores.