Disney+: $12.99/month

Apple TV Plus: $5/month

Amazon's RiverStream: $12/month, $20/month for expedited buffering

Exxon Mobil Mobile: $10.00/month + stock options

WalmartFlix: $7.25/hour

Boeing Skystream: $28/month platform access, each movie or show available for an additional fee

Verizon Play: $19/month + $15 in overage fees if you stream too much

Pfizer Video: $6/month, $720/month without insurance

Costco Flix: $17/month, but only if you agree to stream all the movies together at once

Playboy View: $0.69/month

HGTV All Access: $14/month after a $300 down payment with valid account cosigners

PBS On-Demand: Whatever you feel comfortable donating, no pressure

North Korea State TV Most Glorious Distribution Network: $12 (to block it from accessing your devices)

Nissan RoadCast: $10/month before app recall, price after recall undetermined

Uber Movies: $7 per movie, except during surge periods when lots of people are viewing, then $80

NFL 24/7: $20/week plus $12 surcharge per beer consumed while streaming

Facebook Go: Free with the surrender of your personal information

Vatican Cam: One-tenth of your income

Yahoo Screen: AHAHAHAHAHA just kidding, Yahoo Screen is never coming back