1. In March, you say goodbye to your family, friends, and old way of life. It’s time to prepare for a rough journey ahead.

2. From now on, your only human interactions will be with a small group of pre-selected individuals.

3. Every decision about how to proceed with your day seems fraught with health hazards.

4. Retail shopping is restricted to essential supplies. On your (infrequent) trips to the store, you stockpile obscene quantities of everyday products.

5. Only being able to carry 100 pounds of meat at a time actually feels pretty limiting.

6. Minor ailments have become nerve-wracking ordeals due to the lack of easily accessible medical care.

7. The only luxury you can still indulge in is eating “filling” rations every day.

8. Whenever you talk to people, all you hear are horror stories and questionable advice.

9. Wow, it’s June already. You really thought this thing would be over by now.

10. You never know what day of the week it is anymore.

11. There are still shortages of essential supplies, and they don’t seem to be getting better as time goes on. If you try to buy what you need from individual sellers instead, you get price-gouged.

12. Hunting for your own food starts to sound more and more appealing. If nothing else, it’ll break up the monotony.

13. The dead don’t even get proper funerals.

14. Wow, it’s September already. You really thought this thing would be over by now.

15. You no longer have a job and feel increasingly anxious about how to make a finite amount of money last an indefinite amount of time.

16. You are desperate enough to try all sorts of untested treatments for infectious diseases.

17. “Wait to see if conditions improve” is a good summary of what you’re doing most of the time.

18. Wow, it’s the first snow of the season already. You really thought this thing would be over by now.

19. With winter coming and still no end in sight, you could really use a change of pace.

20. Maybe it’s time to give up your dreams of coastal living and settle down in Idaho.

21. Way more people than you ever thought will be dead before this thing is over.

Life During COVID-19: 1-21
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