Goosebumps #4: Rock Paper Monster!

Monster Eats Kid!

Goosebumps #7: The Dentist From Mars

Say Aaaaaahhhh!

Goosebumps #8: Poltersaurus Rex

Who’s Extinct Now?

Goosebumps #11: The Currency Exchange For Monsters

Monsters Have Currency Exchanges, I Guess

Goosebumps #14: The Hopscotch Court of Evil

Kids Still Play Hopscotch, Right?

Goosebumps #16: The CD That Turns You Into a Mummy

Now that’s What I Call Wrap Music

Goosebumps #18: The Clown Who Was Evil

How is There Not a Goosebumps Book About a Clown?

Goosebumps # 22: The Skeleton Who Was Also A Swimming Teacher

Talk about a Dead Man’s Float!

Goosebumps #37: The Witch Who Mildly Inconvenienced Me

For Pete’s Sake, Wilma…

Goosebumps #39: Roundhouse Kick of the Werewolf Ninja

This Ain’t Your Grandma’s Big Bad Wolf

Goosebumps #43: My Homework… For Ghost Class

If I Don’t Finish, My Teacher Will Kill Me!

Goosebumps #44: The Sony Walkman That Ate Me

It’s Got a Taste for More Than Batteries

Goosebumps #46: Phantom of the Opera (1925), But Kids

Remember That Movie?

Goosebumps #49: Summer At Camp NoMonsters

Hey, What’s With All the Monsters?

Goosebumps #51: My Little Brother Is A Monster!

In A Different Way Than Usual

Goosebumps #52: My Nintendo Gameboy Is a Vampire!

Blowing on the Cartridge Won’t Fix This!

Goosebumps #54: Marbles of the Mad Scientist

I Liked Playing Marbles And You’ll Like Me Talking About It!

Goosebumps #55: Return to Camp NoMonsters

Oh, come on. How Has No One Fixed This?

Goosebumps #56: Help, I’ve Been Turned Into A Horse

This One’ll Influence Your Burgeoning Sexuality!

Goosebumps #59: The Tiddly Winks From Mars

Just Ask Your Parents About This One

Goosebumps #60: My Little Brother Is Still A Monster

Nothing Supernatural This Time; I Just Hate Him

Goosebumps #63: My Adventure In the Jungles of Darkest Africa

Enjoy This One Now, Kids. It Won’t Age Great

Goosebumps #67: The Superpower That Was More of an Inconvenience

I’m Just Saying, There Are Downsides

Goosebumps #68: The Police Officer Who Was A Vampire

He’s Taking a Bite Out of More Than Crime

Goosebumps #70: The Twist Is Everyone’s a Yeti

Oh Shoot, Oh Shoot, How Do I Change a Title?

Goosebumps #74: The Werewolf Who Was Also A Ghost Vampire And A Robot And A Witch

That’s Not Too Much, Is It?

Goosebumps $78: The Nagging Feeling You Could Have Been More as an Author

Is This What Your Sixth Grade English Teacher Pictured?

Goosebumps #79: The Children’s Activity But Also It Was Also Spooky

Never Mind Actually; I’m Cool With It