1. The belief that life is meaningless, the end is nigh, and the creditors know where you work — ROSE
  2. The fear that the world is crumbling so quickly that there will be nothing but dust for your children — PEPPERMINT
  3. Anxiety about the loss of bodily autonomy with age and the decrees of misogynistic politicians — JASMINE
  4. The suspicion that we are all just cogs in a hyper-capitalist machine — SANDALWOOD
  5. The creeping realization that there is no God and your whole life has been a lie — TEA TREE
  6. The overwhelming urge to drive your car off a bridge if it will get you out of your soul-sucking job for a few hours, or forever — CHAMOMILE
  7. The feeling you can’t shake that the Matrix is real and that you are living in it — YLANG-YLANG
  8. The desire to lock yourself in your house and never come out to face this messed-up world and all the people in it ever again — LAVENDER
  9. Stress that the ideal life you imagined for yourself was never possibly going to exist — BERGAMOT
  10. The knowledge of the inevitable decay and death that awaits us all — LEMON