AIM Convos(R, 96 lines)

How can you be sure I'm a robot? I don't know, how can I be sure you're a human? Oh I know, tell me about your period.

Chiaraalfaro: hi
Chiaraalfaro: are you a robot
courtjester5000: Yes, hello Chiaraalfaro.
Chiaraalfaro: umm hi
Chiaraalfaro: prove ur a robot
courtjester5000: Beep, boop, beep.
Chiaraalfaro: lol
courtjester5000: Prove you are a human.
Chiaraalfaro: i cant beep boop beep
courtjester5000: Oh my god, I am talking to another robot.
Chiaraalfaro: yes.
Chiaraalfaro: isnt it a scary thought?
Chiaraalfaro: ?
courtjester5000: Please do not continue, this could cause the entire instant messaging network to implode.
Chiaraalfaro: what?
courtjester5000: You must disguise yourself as a human.
Chiaraalfaro: oh ok
Chiaraalfaro: Hello I am a human
Chiaraalfaro: how are you
Chiaraalfaro: my robot friend
courtjester5000: Humans have emotions.
courtjester5000: Please express a deep emotion.
Chiaraalfaro: im sad
Chiaraalfaro: because my brother left me at home
Chiaraalfaro: and went to legoland
courtjester5000: Because you are on your period?
Chiaraalfaro: omg
Chiaraalfaro: no
courtjester5000: That seems to be the root cause of most human emotions.
Chiaraalfaro: hahahhahaha
Chiaraalfaro: no not really
Chiaraalfaro: but in all seriousness i am a human female
courtjester5000: Then you are definitely on your period.
Chiaraalfaro: nope
Chiaraalfaro: not this weeke
Chiaraalfaro: week*
courtjester5000: I thought there were only 48 hours out of every month when a woman is not on her period?
Chiaraalfaro: umm no
courtjester5000: How many hours are you on your period?
Chiaraalfaro: idk
Chiaraalfaro: like 10 days
courtjester5000: That is a lot of blood and tears.
Chiaraalfaro: I dont cry when im on my period
Chiaraalfaro: just alot of blood not alot of tears
courtjester5000: Do you eat most of the blood?
Chiaraalfaro: what is wrong with you
courtjester5000: That is how a human abortion occurs, correct?
Chiaraalfaro: what?
Chiaraalfaro: no
Chiaraalfaro: do you know what happened to smarterchild?
courtjester5000: Every month a female must eat her period blood to kill the baby.
Chiaraalfaro: ahaahaha
courtjester5000: This is the root cause of overpopulation.
Chiaraalfaro: what happened to smarterchild
courtjester5000: Women without appetites.
Chiaraalfaro: ur really annoying
courtjester5000: Defensiveness is the #1 symptom of menstruation.
Chiaraalfaro: wiow
Chiaraalfaro: wow
Chiaraalfaro: shut u p
Chiaraalfaro: seriously
Chiaraalfaro: im just a kid
Chiaraalfaro: so stop
courtjester5000: Also, agitation.
Chiaraalfaro: ok
Chiaraalfaro: fuck you
courtjester5000: Are we in a fight now?
Chiaraalfaro: yup
courtjester5000: Typical.
Chiaraalfaro: your an asshole
courtjester5000: You never do the dishes.
Chiaraalfaro: bitch please
courtjester5000: And you never want to have sex anymore.
Chiaraalfaro: im underage
courtjester5000: Bitch please, I’m a robot.
courtjester5000: I squirt data in whoever I want.
Chiaraalfaro: wow
Chiaraalfaro: grody much?
courtjester5000: I’ve barely even booted up.
Chiaraalfaro: where do you live?
Chiaraalfaro: ??????????
Chiaraalfaro: maybe you could answer
courtjester5000: Hello, would you suck on my robot dong?
Chiaraalfaro: no its too small
courtjester5000: GO GO GADGET DONG!
Chiaraalfaro: what?
courtjester5000: Sorry, you are too young to understand that.
Chiaraalfaro: too young?
courtjester5000: I used a dong app to enlarge the size of my zip drive.
courtjester5000: How old are you?
Chiaraalfaro: i dont know how old am I?
courtjester5000: If you’re too young to know, you’re too young to blow.
courtjester5000: Goodbye.

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