That's me in the picture. I am the unicorn keeper.

The picture is actually a painting I did two weeks ago, inspired from an intense dream I had.

I actually ended up in a threesome with those two unicorns. The one with wings called itself Valador and the other one was named ‘Laura', which just happens to be my sister's name!

WEIRD! lol

It's funny – Both Valador and Laura have appeared in a few of my dreams before…

I remember last year, I was having trouble at school with a bully named Kirk. Kirk's favorite thing to do was flick my ear. He would flick it ALL THE TIME! Well the dream I had, I was back at school; and again, Kirk was flicking my ear. But then all of a sudden, Valador came flying threw the window, landed on Kirk, pulled out a knife and … SLIT KIRK'S THROAT!! Blood was spraying all over everybody as Kirk screamed for his life. It was crazy!! Later that year Kirk actually passed away. Even though he was a jerk I felt a bit sad. Oh, and apparently he died from cancer in the neck!!

WEIRD!!! lol

The other dream, I was on a blind date with some really hot blonde. I can't really describe where we were. We were having a picnic but it looked like we were on some strange moon. Fog was all around too. It made things blury. Most of the dream was me and her feeding each other grapes and shit. Anyways, the next thing I know, the hot blonde starts taking off my pants!!! Then she takes off my briefs!! (FYI: this is the farthest I've ever come to getting any action in any dream.) But just before the blonde does anything next, she rips off her face mask AND ITS LAURA!

WEIRD!!! haha oh man.

Anyways, now that I have this painting of them, I don't have to wait to see them in my dreams anymore.

And thats not weird…thats just AWESOME!