Jurassic Park is celebrating its 25th anniversary, but have you ever found yourself wondering what the stars of the classic dinosaur film have been up to in the years since? Well wonder no further, because after an investigation more extensive than the Mueller probe, we have all the answers!

Tyrannosaurus (Played by Rex Tyranning) – After starring as Tyrannosaurus in Jurassic Park, Rex went on to have a lucrative career. With a savvy agent in tow, he booked a recurring guest spot on ABC’s Dinosaurs as the titular family’s recovering alcoholic neighbor with a passion for crochet. His performance in his final episode netted him an Emmy for Best Guest Actor which he parlayed into roles in bigger projects such as King Kong, The Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas and Godzilla.

Velociraptor (Played by Rick Raptor) – Rick Raptor was a bartender before being cold called by Steven Spielberg to audition for the role of Velociraptor. This was the big break Rick needed to finally jumpstart his career as a voice actor, who you may recognize from such animated films as Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs, Meet the Robinsons and The Land Before Time XIII: The Wisdom of Friends. In addition to over 100 voice roles, Raptor was a runner-up on Dancing with the Stars: Prehistoric Edition and is a frequent lower right square on Hollywood Squares. He currently hosts Let’s Make a Deal.

Triceratops (Played by Trish Cera) – While Trish had a star-making turn in her role as Triceratops, she frequently butted heads with Spielberg over the direction of her character in Jurassic Park. This is all the more shocking when we found out that Trish was Spielberg’s first choice for the role after they met on the set of Empire of the Sun. Unfortunately, the damage was done by the time cameras started rolling The Lost World and Triceratops was recast with a younger actress. Trish’s career never quite regained its footing, but she and Spielberg reconciled in 2013 leading to her finally reprising Triceratops in Jurassic World.

Stegosaurus (Played by Steg Larsson) – Riding high off of the success of 1993’s highest grossing film, Steg decided to leave the movie business to pursue a rap career. Adopting the moniker Steg For More, Larsson’s first album produced the song “Leggo my Steggo” which hit #5 on the Australian Billboard Top 100 and played in the end credits of Theodore Rex. Steg’s extravagant lifestyle combined with his failure in the rap scene put him in crippling debt leading him to a life of crime. Steg is currently serving 10 years for grand theft auto, but will be in court next week to once again appeal for bail.

Parasaurolophus (Played by Lewis Smith) – Though he made lifelong friends on the set of Jurassic Park, Lewis’s role as Parasaurolophus amounted to little more than a cameo after studio notes eliminated most of his scenes from the final cut of the film. As a result, Smith didn’t experience breakout success in the same ways that many of his other co-stars did. In fact, he never rose beyond bit parts and supporting roles for the majority of his career. Still his most famous part may be as the spokes-dino for Quaker’s Dinosaur Egg Oatmeal as no other actor has represented the brand as long as he has.

Gallimimus (Played by Gal Gadinosaur) – Gal Gadinosaur was a fresh-faced newcomer to Hollywood when she was tapped for the part of Gallimimus. She had a face for movies which was prominently featured in the Jurassic Park films, leading to some very memorable moments. While she put on a happy face for her films, things were a lot darker in the personal life of this actress who—despite being a proponent of D.A.R.E. (Dinosaurs Against Reckless Endangerment)—had a wicked addiction to bath salts. Gal tried to get help but eventually died in 2006 from an overdose of Flintstone pterodactyl vitamins.

Brachiosaurus (Played by Brad Bremmer) – You may remember Brad’s role as Brachiosaurus being one of the showier parts in Jurassic Park. With his tall stature and majestic movements, he made an impression on audiences across the world as the first dinosaur seen in the film. But whatever happened to this promising up-and-comer? Almost immediately after Jurassic Park, Bremmer found the lord, became a devout Christian and rejected the notion of the existence of dinosaurs because they conflict with his beliefs. Now Brad leads the charge to remove all depictions of dinosaurs in film; talk about a complete 180!

Dilophosaurus (Played by Dianna Durango) – This one goes without saying, everyone knows what happened to Dianna Durango! For those who don’t know, Dianna caught the eye of 90s teen heartthrob Jonathan Taylor Thomas and their highly publicized relationship was all over the tabloids. That’s without mentioning her prehistoric jungle scented perfume line which has continued to make her a household name among such greats as Dior and Chanel. With this success, Dianna settled down with JTT and retired from acting to raise their seven kids and run her fragrance empire.