George lives in the Seattle area with his succulents. He wears a nose ring and drinks locally-roasted coffee. He hasn't spoken to The Man in the Yellow Hat in years.

The Berenstain Bears recently welcomed a new member into their family. Her name is Ming Zhu and she's a small child adopted from the Quinghai province of China. She will be raised to eat berries and read the Torah.

Captain Underpants is the newest member of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He's more handsome and muscular than ever, but he's also a brooding, tortured soul, who has seen unspeakable things in the pursuit of justice. He still doesn't have a neck.

Harold hasn't picked up the purple crayon in years. When his parents refused to pay for art school, he decided to pursue a career in hotel administration. He enjoys the work, but he regularly asks himself the question “What if?”

Babar is a legal consultant in the Chicago area. He is the assistant coach of his daughter's softball team. Babar hopes an upcoming Caribbean cruise will rekindle his marriage.

The sky may not have fallen, but that hasn't stopped Chicken Little from dealing in conspiracy theories. Little is a contributing writer for several fake news sites. He spread an Internet rumor in April that Paul Giamatti had Zika virus.

June Jones is a graphic designer based in New York. She dropped her purple glasses years ago in favor of contacts. Her hobbies including eating salad and telling people she watches Jane the Virgin.

Arthur died.

The Lorax still speaks for the trees. He's a lobbyist in Washington, D.C. who will do whatever and whoever it takes to make the environment safe. His work is his life. There is no time for family.

When the Magic School Bus Program was canceled due to budget cuts, Ms. Frizzle took the opportunity to retire. These days, she spends her time playing mahjongg and watching Masterpiece Theatre. She recently completed a workshop entitled “Writing About Gardens.”

Since his days as a two-dimensional child star, Stanley has gained a significant amount of weight.  He occasionally goes to the gym, but he doesn't like the “cutthroat environment.” Stanley sells air conditioning units in Hartford, Connecticut.

Frog and Toad have been happily married since 2013. They live in a duplex near an Asian fusion restaurant. They once saw Todd Haynes at the airport.