Hi, I’m Rockford Scottson, but you can call me Rock. I’m the CEO and founder of Rock Automotive. Last week, we were delighted to finally launch our first and flagship vehicle, known simply as cAr™.

Ever since I first founded Rock Automotive in my sophomore dorm at Stanford, I have dedicated my personal and professional life to making my dream a reality: a vision for a new, personalizable form of transport, one that will disrupt an industry that has remained stagnant for far too long.

The result of that dream is cAr™.

cAr™ is the product of a singular, ambitious vision: to transform and revolutionize how we view and treat motor vehicles and the roads we drive them on.

Of course, being on the cutting edge, we've attracted some skeptics. These people tend to bring up the same few criticisms over and over, so I'd like to address them point-by-point.

“cAr™ doesn't seat humans.”

This has always been front-and-center in the cAr™ design philosophy. We always envisioned cAr™ not as a full-sized, human-driven vehicle, but rather as a life-changing, time-saving convenience solution for the accomplished professional.

Thanks to our proprietary Reduced Oversight User-free Travel Enabler (ROUTE) automated-driving software, cAr™ is capable of autonomously and independently going to the store, running errands, and recharging itself—which is why we designed cAr™ specifically without drivers or passengers in mind. This radical design approach allows for a hyper-economical, eco-friendly form factor that at once maximizes cargo space while minimizing overall size, weight, and drag coefficient—not to mention reducing traffic congestion and demand for parking. cAr™ is an environmentally conscious, pro-social step toward revolutionizing transportation as we know it.

That’s why we’ve capitalized the “A” in the name. It’s the automobile… augmented.

“cAr™ still needs external human assistance.”

We’re know that, while cAr™ can drive itself to the supermarket or a charging station, it obviously cannot enter the store or plug itself in. That’s why we implemented the cAr™ Supplementary Service Network to help you get the most out of your cAr™.

Through the Supplementary Service Network, cAr™ you gain access to our Supplementary Service Technicians, highly-trained specialists intimately familiar with every element of the cAr™ and its operation. By performing all the tasks cAr™ can’t do on its own, these technicians bridge the divide between our company’s futuristic vision and the deficient infrastructure of the present—allowing you to enjoy the life-changing convenience of a car that does all the work for you while you remain in the comfort of your own home.

Just use the complimentary cAr™ app to indicate what you want done, and your cAr™ will collaborate with the nearest Supplementary Service Technician to make it happen.

“cAr™’s Supplementary Service Network is just an extremely inefficient personal shopper service.”

Yes, our Supplementary Service Technicians will make any purchases you request through the cAr™ app and load them into your cAr™, but they’re far more than just personal shoppers—they go the extra mile to make sure you get the most out of your cAr™. They accompany your cAr™ through every step of its journey, so that your cAr™ doesn’t waste time—or battery life—waiting for them.

And, by accompanying your cAr™ as it goes about its route, they ensure that they are first on the scene at the first sign of a problem, minimizing downtime so that your cAr™ can get back to its primary job—making your life easier than it’s ever been.

“The cAr™ subscription service costs $1,695 a month.”

Again, quality and workmanship will always command a premium—and the exacting standards and training to which we subject our cAr™ Supplementary Service Technicians means that we simply would not be able to offer our clients the benefits of the cAr™ Supplementary Service Network for a penny less. Once you’ve enjoyed the unmatched quality of the cAr™ experience, I think you’ll agree that it’s worth the money.

“The cAr™ itself costs $70,995 on top of that—before options.”

High-quality materials and workmanship will always command a premium, and cAr’s price reflects this. There are things in cAr that simply would not be possible at a more entry-level price point.

For instance, our proprietary cellulose-reinforced boron fiber-aerogel monocoque isn’t just fully compostable: it allows a curb weight of 1,460 pounds (less than half that of a Tesla!), as well as second-to-none heat-dissipation and sound absorption, ensuring that cold groceries stay cold on the drive home, and that your cAr™ won’t distract you as it arrives—not until you’re ready to be notified of its arrival via the cAr™ app.

“One of those options is the engine and self-driving technology.”

We designed cAr™ as a modular, upgradeable platform, allowing you to customize your cAr™ experience according to your needs. That’s why we offer the cAr™ Eco. Its efficient, engine-free setup is perfect for the budget- or environmentally-conscious consumer—and with the convenient standard tow hook allowing it to be carried by any of our Supplementary Service Vehicles, you’ll still enjoy all the benefits of a connected car that does the work for you. However, if you don’t think the cAr™ Eco is for you, the cAr™ Prime, equipped with the 30kWh motor and our proprietary ROUTE technology, lets you skip the wait for a Supplementary Service Vehicle to reach your home, all for a competitive starting MSRP of $95,995.

It’s been tough seeing cAr™ met with skepticism and criticism by some, but we’re committed to using this feedback to improve our product and our services. We remain confident in cAr™ and its potential to reduce waste, combat global warming, reshape the transportation landscape, and revolutionize your life. We hope that, one day, you’ll come to believe, as well.

To try and make that day come sooner, we’re offering cAr™ for a discounted price for the next month. Just walk into any of our California or New York dealerships and pick up your own brand new cAr™ Eco for the limited-time MSRP of $59,995 ($399/mo lease). Try out cAr™ for yourself. We’re confident that you’ll feel the difference—the cAr™ difference.

– Rock