American Idle

Competitors hop in their cars and travel to America's busiest freeways. They park their cars perpendicular to traffic and sit there. Whoever survives the onslaught of honking and middle fingers is declared the winner.

America’s Got Talons

Contestants roam the country in search of endangered birds. Once they find them, they painstakingly remove their claws, one by one, and add it to their collection. Winners are chosen based on both quantity and quality of talons.


3 participants partake in a quiz show in which they are provided answers and must provide the correct question. Whoever finishes in 3rd place must choose between 3 death row serial killers. The killer they choose is pardoned and allowed to roam free to do as they please.

The Amazing Master Race

Teams of two travel the world and try to get hundreds of people to join their group for the cause. The cause being a massive, televised race war to determine who really is the best.

Gash Cab

New York cab drivers are, without their knowledge, set up with hidden cameras in their cab. Suddenly, a man or woman with a large, bleeding gash leaps into their cab and begs to be taken to the nearest hospital. The cabbie must use their knowledge of the streets to get them to help before they bleed out.

Dancing with the SARS

Professional dancers team up with random people in a dancing competition. What they don’t know is that one of the random contestants has been injected with the SARS virus. While everybody else is trying to dance well enough to win the Mirrorball Trophy, the only goal of the infected is to pass the disease onto as many people as they possibly can.

Project Runaway Train

Designers are placed on trains careening toward the edge of a cliff at groundbreaking speed. Each week, they have a new item of clothing to design. If their design is Tim Gunn approved, then their train will stop, sparing them for the time being. If Gunn looks at your design and utters “Make it Work,” you must try again until it does, in fact, work. Each week, one contestant will not make it work and their train will crash into the caverns below.

1 Vs. 100 Defenseless Children

One grown man, armed with a bat, takes on waves of 100 children at a time to see how many he can knock out before the children overrun him. The catch? The kids have no idea they’re supposed to fight back. How many innocent, passive children can one man club before getting winded? Find out this Tuesday on Spike TV.