Oh gosh, I know what you’re going to say. I get it a lot and yes, I do look exactly like Bradley Cooper. I took the words off the tip of your tongue, didn’t I?

It’s really embarrassing. I get confused for him a lot, since I look exactly like him. I even had him as my facebook picture for doppleganger week that one time, and everyone was too intimidated to comment on it! It was crazy. Even I was confused once and I realized that maybe we were brothers and were separated at birth.

I’ve done the DNA testing, of course—I wanted to know if I had a twin!—but it turns out we’re not related. Maybe the DNA test is defective? I’ll have to look into how accurate those results are. There’s always a margin of error!

Either way, I also have a picture of the two of us on my phone so you know exactly how similar we look. I know you’re probably wondering what it was like when we met each other! And isn’t it crazy that we got a picture together? He probably looked me right in the face and went “That’s my face, man!”

Oh no, it’s not actually him—it’s a cardboard cutout of him at the movie theater for the A Star Is Born promos. I brought the cardboard cutout home because now I have a cardboard cutout of myself that I didn’t even need to pose for! Also they were going to throw it out! I wasn’t going to let them throw out my face!

Isn’t this picture crazy? I’m the one on the left. Just remember that I have slightly darker hair and that’s pretty much the only difference. Even I can’t tell us apart sometimes!

And I see myself in the mirror every day. Really incredible how much we look alike. Down to the gorgeous chiseled jaw. We do have different colored eyes though. But basically that's the only difference.

…. No! Of course no one has ever asked if they can take pictures with me! Would you do that to the real BC? People are probably way too nervous! I’ve never pretended to be him and signed an autograph—but people on the street sometimes do a double take when they look at me and sometimes they’re holding a pen—just waiting for the famed actor-turned-director-turned-singer-songwriter to say something to them. No other way to explain that.

So yeah—basically everyone thinks I’m Bradley Cooper. It’s actually kinda embarrassing. I’m not an easily embarrassed person and when people think I’m a celebrity, I go bright red. Some people think it’s cute, but I’m just being real!

You were just gonna say I looked like your cousin’s neighbor? Does your cousin’s neighbor look like Bradley Cooper too? No? So weird. Well, I guess we just have one of those faces.