Hey Darren,

Your confused expression seems to suggest you are struggling to place me. I was there from the first day you went to school right up until your prom. I hugged you so tight on that wet day in February when we went together to buy stationery for your new job.

But things have changed. You’ve been acting weird towards me and we’ve not hung out together in ages. You never write or text while wearing me anymore.

What’s with how your shoes smell these days? I get a waft of that every time you leave them near the closet. Are you ok? I’m certainly not after last week when you cheated on me with someone half my length.

Where did it all go wrong? Was it the foot fetishists that made you ditch me? Since you first wandered out with turned up jeans, white Converse and a small anklet, you’ve left me on the shelf (or mostly in a small drawer). Your exposed ankles now have a light tan. You look so strange when you stand in front of a full-length mirror in just your underwear. It’s like an accident at a spray tan factory. You need me, don’t you? Don’t you?

I know, these days, you have a plentiful selection of socks that are only visible when you take off your shoes, but I will not be ignored like this. I am a sock and I deserve visibility when someone sits down, crosses their legs and begins a casual sales conversation in a midtown Starbucks.

I used to love that Starbucks. I matched the carpet there. I matched with you there. Can’t you see we are perfect together? All the baristas could, Darren. Why can’t you?

Sometimes, when you brew coffee at home I get flashbacks of how you’d sit with your feet inside me as you discussed search engine optimization with web clients. You'd sip on an espresso and calmly up-sell clients into buying the coolest sounding add-ons. I was like your professional partner, keeping you looking smart, while all the time clinging to you so tight. So sensually tight.

Remember when you used to take me home at night and give me a gentle caress before removing me for the evening? How you’d bathe me at 40 degrees and make sure I was neatly paired up again so that we could, once again, walk out into the world at sunrise?

I miss you. I feel incomplete without your feet nestled in my material. I’m just a double set of deep fabric cul-de-sacs without you. Can we try again and see how it feels? I’ve been using a new fabric softener recently. I’m so much more fun than I used to be.

I’ve been checking out your Insta and some of those old pics of us are so cute. I know it’s 3 AM but how about I just pop around your ankles and we snuggle for a bit? No strings. Just see how it feels and go from there, yeah?

With love,

H&M Grey Striped 32993