Mark Zuckerberg has finally introduced the dislike button, and the dominos are about to start toppling. Here's how the end of humanity as we know it will play out, one strategic angry emoji at a time.

Facebook angry emoji dislike button

Donald Trump will soon empathetically dislike Carly Fiorina's face and Megyn Kelly's menstrual cycle.

Cowboys fans will dislike Redskins fans.

Redskins fans will dislike Giants fans.

Jets fans will dislike Patriots fans.

Tom Brady will dislike everything that happened after May 11, 2015.

A kid in Colorado will be dislike bullied.

Moms Against Cyber Disliking "MACD" will be founded.

Kanye will tweet, "dislikers be disliking,"

Which 200,000 people will re-post on Facebook and dislike.

Gun control supporters will dislike the Second Amendment.

Texas will secede.

Kim Jong Un, finally empowered, will dislike James Franco and Seth Rogen.

Seth Rogen will ironically like Kim Jong Un.

This will enrage him further.

North Korea will declare nuclear war on Hollywood.

A kid in Iowa will facetiously dislike a picture of an Alaskan bear.

The Alaskan bear will go on a killing rampage in a McDonald's.

CBS will coin the phrase, "Dislike Crimes Against Humanity." 

The guy whose family invented forks will dislike his arch nemesis, the spork guy.

The spork guy will dislike spoons.

Commemorative spoon collectors will riot.

An intense court battle will result in the recall of all eating utensils.

The pope will pray for humanity.

Kim Kardashian will dislike green Jolly Ranchers and words that start with the letter Q.

Things will start to get weird.

Joe Biden will dislike raccoons.

Jeb Bush will dislike pants.

Iran will friend North Korea.

North Korea will poke Syria.

Brazil, Russia, India and China will set up a secret Facebook group.

Obama will change America's status to "in a relationship with France" and defiantly start wearing berets.

An infantry of YouTube cats will overthrow News Corp.

Grumpy cat will become Fox's new anchor.

Rupert Murdoch's ratings will skyrocket.

Vladimir Putin will dislike the third Harry Potter novel.

David Cameron will declare a national emergency.

Europe will ban all Russian vodka.

Extremist Stolichnaya enthusiasts will found an illicit network of speakeasies, importing and exporting vodka through China.

Liquored up, China will amass billions of renminbi in gambling debts.

World stock markets will crash.

Infrastructures will collapse.

Bill Cosby will be eaten by a lion.

A global Hunger Games will commence.

Martha Stewart will bludgeon Gwyneth Paltrow with a ramekin.

John McCain will disembowel Brian Williams with a sickle.

Jennifer Lawrence will win again.

Civilization as we know it will end.

From deep within his apocalypse survival pod, Mark Zuckerberg will empathetically dislike this.