The Inquisition

The dining room table inside the mid-century home filled with porcelain dolls is set for an intimate Sunday brunch. And the meal…is tension. In “The Inquisition,” you must answer trick questions about your family history, dodge passive aggressive comments, and discover the key to your host’s heart…if she has one. You have one hour to win over your host who claims her son could have done better before your conniving sister-in-law arrives and contributes to the barrage of backhanded compliments.

The Hoarder

A small group of excavators has been called to explore the deep and harrowing depths of a musty basement. “The Hoarder” is one of our newest and most exhilarating rooms, where you and your team must sort through decades of the homeowner’s belongings to help her decide which items to take with her to her new retirement community. You have one hour to transfer the boxes to the moving van before you pass out from exposure to mold.

One Foot Out The Door

Load up your car for a trip to the podiatrist’s office where you and your teammates will be trapped in a stark exam room with no windows and an unappreciative she-devil. “One Foot Out the Door” is one of our more challenging games, especially for those who are underappreciated, no matter what they do. When the patient removes her left shoe and exposes a calcified corn on her gnarled hammer toe, it’s up to you to concoct a viable excuse for leaving before the doctor arrives and the complaints about you begin.

The Miserable Show

You are in the private room of a crowded Italian restaurant when you and your crew intercept a crucial message about a disturbing event scheduled to take place after dinner. It’s your chance to save the evening! “The Miserable Show,” a perennial favorite, challenges you and your team to protect guests from an ear-piercing performance of Les Misérables while avoiding detection from your ass-kissing sister-in-law. Can you stop this off-key, off-off-off-Broadway show before the woman who claims you aren’t good enough for her son finishes dessert and plugs in her karaoke machine?

Rocky Mountain Sigh

Trouble is brewing in a Colorado mountain house when two treasured items go missing: Internet access and your sanity. The evidence points to your nemesis who is playing on your addiction to electronics to gain favor with the person who wants you out of her son’s life. In “Rocky Mountain Sigh,” fearless adventurers are called upon to break into your sister-in-law’s room and reconnect the router before you are trapped for hours playing Jenga and charades!


You have agreed to a life or death mission: a shopping trip at the Mall of America during the Christmas rush. Can you decipher the illegible gift list? Will you be able to find the mall map? “Ho-Ho-Horrible,” a cross between a scavenger hunt and Black Friday on steroids, challenges you to bring the shopping operation to an end in one hour. Can you deliver the gifts before the woman who refers to you as “his wife” arrives home before dinner? Or will you be forced to eat Hungarian meatloaf guaranteed to leave you praying to the porcelain god for two days?

That Sneaky Bitch

You are inside a spider-web-filled attic when the rusted doorknob disintegrates in your hands. Trapped, you hear voices below. Your only chance to escape is through the family room where you hear a woman discussing your shortcomings as a wife and daughter-in-law with your nemesis. In “That Sneaky Bitch,” it’s up to you to slip back through time, go to a different college, and marry someone with no siblings and a mother you’ve fully vetted.