On this week’s episode, everyone was so focused on Cersei that they missed the most obvious clue: the coffee cup on the table in front of Daenerys. Although many viewers might claim that this is an accident and a production assistant left a plastic cup on the table, the truth is that every aspect of this show is meticulously planned including Ed Sheeran’s cameo. The writers want us to think it was an accident, so that they can later subvert our expectations like they did when we expected to be able to visually see the battle during episode three and could not. That cup of coffee will appear in the books and it will play an even bigger pivotal role than Dorne.

So how did a coffee cup end up in Westeros and how does it affect the series at large? Well, as far as we know, commercial coffee locations such as Starbucks and Coffee Bean have not been invented in the show’s current time. Plastic cups do not exist in Westeros yet. However, Bran is a time-travelling greenseer. We have seen Bran travel back in time to witness the creation of the Night King. We have seen Bran see visions of the future, where King’s Landing is burnt. Logically, it makes sense that Bran travels into the future, finds a Starbucks on a street corner and orders a triple shot caffeinated iced white chocolate mocha for Daenerys.

Do you actually think the writers would have Myra, Hodor, and Theon die for Bran, so that he could just aimlessly warg into ravens as his climatic end? No, they died so that he could caffeinate Daenerys. Furthermore, since Hot Pie has been included in the show as a baker, it is already foreshadowing that his descendants will create Starbucks.

While Bran pretends that free will exists, he sets off a chain of events that makes Daenerys become the mad queen with that iced white chocolate mocha. Before Daenerys marches South with her army, Sansa tells her that she should let the troops rest, but Bran’s strong coffee makes the queen more excited and energetic and anxious. She would have considered resting up if not for that cup of coffee. Essentially, Bran’s triple shot caffeinated iced white chocolate mocha causes Daenerys to lose a majority of her fleet, her second dragon, and her trusted advisor and this chain of events causes her to ultimately become the mad queen.

Viewers continue to speculate on who the messianic “Prince” or “Princess that was promised” will be, but now we one-hundred percent have our answer: the coffee cup is the prince that was promised as Azor Ahai. In the same way that the legendary figure stabbed his lover with a sword in her heart to kill the original night king, a barista added creamer to the coffee for Daenerys to go full mad queen.

Furthermore, this cup of coffee also fulfills the valonqar prophecy. When Cersei was younger a witch told her that she would be killed by a younger brother or the “valonqar;” this cup of coffee is the younger brother to the coffee that was made right before it and through the chain of events that it set off, it will result in Cersei’s death and make it the “valonqar.”

I am so excited to see where the show goes and I sincerely hope that they dedicate one of the spinoffs to that triple shot caffeinated iced white chocolate mocha, because two more eighty-minute episodes are not enough time to fully explore the multi-dimensional nuances of its creamer and contents.