The air is cooling, the leaves are changing, and Instagram is gearing up for one of the busiest social media seasons: Autumn. We know it can be tough coming up with the right caption for your apple-picking album, so we’re here to help! Grab some cider, put on your favorite light jacket, and check out this season’s trendiest captions to help you craft that perfect post.

1. “Slay me, Pumpkin Daddy” is one of this year’s most popular autumnal slang phrases. Perfect for individual or group shots showcasing your pumpkin patch picks!

2. “I pledge fealty to you, my Pumpkin Dad” is another great example of a gourd-geous caption being used by Fall fanatics everywhere. Better tailored for individual shots of you with your pumpkin.

3. A common misconception is that all Insta captions need to be overly simplified. “All that I am is born from your Great Seeded Womb, Pumpkin Father” is popular proof that your followers don’t mind reading something more complex if it’s well written! Best to avoid any potential consequences and use only with individual shots of you with your pumpkin.

4. “Receive my Flesh Upon Thy Blackened Vine, Gazor, Eternal Lord of the Hollow Fruit.” This saying has had an a-maize-ing surge these past few weeks with festivities in full swing. Only to be used for shots of you with the Pumpkin.

5. “Behold! And Repent before the Terrible Miracle of Gazor. May Mountains Weep and Forests Wither before His Final Harvest. May all know His Whisper, His Silent Song, His True Power.” 2019 has been such a crazy year for trends. Take heed: there is power in these words and they need be uttered only when Final Harvest is upon the Uninitiated.

6. No, it’s not a typo: “Spoopy” is a fun little change to “spooky” that you can use to mix up your word choice and bring some smiles to your followers’ faces. Great for individual and group shots featuring Gazor/ritualistic sacrifice/corn. Get creative and happy harvesting!