1. Belief in a higher power regulates their lives
  2. Protected by uniformed guards who are better at marching than shooting
  3. Attempts to quash a rebel uprising have resulted in catastrophic failure
  4. Inflicts misery on countless innocent lifeforms
  5. Colonizes everything they can land a ship on
  6. Have profited from slave labor
  7. Built fortresses touted as impenetrable despite having been penetrated multiple times
  8. Many movies have been made about their lives
  9. Chosen members of the family get special swords
  10. Beloved princess dies too soon
  11. At least one scoundrel married into the family
  12. Close family members have rounded first base
  13. Their existence has a strong effect on the economy
  14. Tends to leave parenting to someone else
  15. Certain members should not be left alone with children
  16. Royal titles for some but not all
  17. Strong female leadership
  18. Capes

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