The Naughty Muffin – Risqué humor focused on baked goods. Sample posts: “Oh my, you ARE all buttery today, aren’t you?” “You call that a cruller? I’ll show you a cruller!” Features lots of provocative photos from Bon Appétit magazine. Not for children.

One-Cell – A site for paramecia by paramecia. Not surprisingly, the humor is pretty basic, but it helps to know your biological terminology. Sample post: “Henry, do you realize that it's my cytoproct you’re kissing, not my cytostome?” “Seriously, Gladys, does it matter?”

Everything Mitch – No commentary or jokes here. But every day you get a new photo of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell attempting to smile. Once-a-month caption contests are held. Winners get to ask Secretary of Transportation Elaine Chao, McConnell’s wife of 26 years, “What in the hell were you thinking?”

The Post-Modernist Post – Contributors are primarily Sociology professors and under-employed English PhD’s. Posts are not intended to be funny. Rather, they point out that “humor” is a tool used by the dominant class to evoke chuckles from the oppressed and distract them from the fact that their lives have been stripped of all dignity. Sample post: “A man walks into a bar. The CEO of General Motors comes in, sits next to him, and proceeds to beat him with a tire iron. The man says, ‘Thanks, I needed that’ and buys the CEO a drink.”

We’re Just 27-Year-Old White Guys Trying to Land a Writing Gig on a Late-Night TV Show – Not much to add here. Sample post: “Mom, did anyone from Conan call today?” And yes, you must be 27 to write for this site. Once contributors age out, they move on to design smartphone apps for Count Chocula and other cereals manufactured by General Mills.

Sweep – The world’s foremost site for humor about the sport of curling. No jokes, just videos of people engaging in the sport of curling.

Is the Pope Catholic? – A comprehensive repository of Papal wit, all the way from Linus (the first Roman pontiff) to Francis. Sample posts: “See you in hell, Attila!” (Leo I, July 2, 446 A.D.); “By all means, try the rhythm method, Mrs. O’Shaughnessy. 14 is enough.” (John Paul II, August 23, 1983)

Does It Feel Hot in Here to You? – Global-warming humor with a morbid touch. Authored primarily by endangered species that reside above the Arctic Circle. Sample posts: “Fuck it. I’m shaving off my fur.” “Yo, Blitzen. Remember snow?”

We’re Hip! – Laugh-out-loud reflections on hip-replacement surgery. Most contributors are over 60. Sample posts: “Doc, aren’t you supposed to put me to sleep for this?” “You know, those pliers look a little rusty!” “Why do I walk backwards now?”

Runaway Lawn Mowers – Yep, that’s right. Videos of stoned landscaping crews losing control of defective self-propelled mowers in backyards where unlicensed day care is being provided to toddlers. Sample dialogue: “Timmy, watch out!” Very popular site among viewers of Family Guy.