Gender (Wiener, Bun, Other, Prefer Not To Say):                            

Professional driving experience:                                                            

Professional driving experience (hot dog cars, 27-foot-long vehicles, or any combination therein):                                                                                     

Do you like hot dogs?                                                                                       

Favorite hot dog toppings:                                                                             

What are you looking for in a new roll?                                                  

Do you chuckle when you see/hear the word “wiener”?                 

Can you blow a wiener whistle with maturity and respect for the craft?

Please construct a complete sentence using three of the following words as puns: “relish,” “lettuce,” “mustard,” “ketchup”

Do you really like hot dogs?                                                                         

How much do you like hot dogs?                                                               

Rank and describe the five best hot dogs you’ve ever had: (750 words min.)




Where do you stand on pigs in a blanket?

Some have compared being in the Wienermobile to “living the hot dog experience.” What would that mean to you?

Have you accepted JC (Joey Chestnut) as your lord and savior? (Note: Oscar Mayer provides equal employment opportunities to all employees and applicants for employment and prohibits discrimination and harassment of any type without regard to religion, dietary status, bun preference, and all other characteristics protected by federal, state, or local laws.)


Please leave any concerns about the Wienermobile’s carbon footprint below, and move on:                                                                                                      

The Wienermobile does not have Bluetooth nor a radio, but comes with a CD player and four editions of Oscar Bopz, hot dog-inspired covers of popular songs recorded by our very own employees. Please indicate your level of excitement below:                                                                                            

You better fucking love hot dogs.


If you woke up and your partner was an Oscar Mayer wiener, how long could your grief stop you from eating them?


Do you think it’s okay to leave a dog in the Wienermobile during the summer with the windows closed because that makes him a “hot dog”?


“‘Cause if I were an Oscar Mayer wiener / Everyone would be in love with me.” If you were an Oscar Mayer wiener and everyone was in love with you, how would you balance this newfound attention with your Hotdogger responsibilities


You’re driving in the depths of night across the Hot Dog Highways of America. Out of nowhere, a man runs across the road and you hit him, critically wounding him. He won’t make it unless you take him to the nearest hospital, but that would cause endless lawsuits and ruin the beloved image of the Wienermobile. What do you do?


Would you ever date a vegetarian?


 ⃞ By checking this box, you acknowledge that, should you be sentenced to execution by the State and given a last meal at any point during or after your Hotdogger tenure, you waive your right to choose anything but an Oscar Mayer wiener.