If you have Internet access or a friend under 30, you’ve probably recently heard people talking about eating the rich. Maybe you’re a seasoned eater of the rich, or maybe you haven’t eaten the rich before, but you sure would like to. No matter where you are in your war against capitalism, we can all agree that there’s truly nothing in the world like a mouthful of tasty justice. So get cookin’!

Panko-Crusted Billionaire with a Brown Sugar Sweet Potato Souffle

Fresh Pumpkin Soup with a Drizzle of Cream of Oil Tycoon

Roasted Trust Fund Kid with Broiled Asparagus, Served with Lemon Wedges

Honey Glazed Chicken Breast with Side of Mixed Green Salad, Topped with Generous Serving of Please Just Pay Your Fair Share of Fucking Taxes Dressing

Crepes Filled with Delicious Sweet, Sweet Class Justice

Sixth Generation Ivy League Student Risotto

Elon Musk Mollusks, Finished with Crème Fraîche and Parsley Garnish

Garlic Pesto Penne with Roasted Person Who Actually Benefits from the Estate Tax

Spicy Chicken Spaghetti with Tomato Sauce Capitaliste

Isn’t It Bananas that 1% of People Own 90% of Wealth Pancakes

Blueberry Muffins with Dark Truths about the Upper Class Chocolate Chips

Onion Bloomberg: An Anti-Black, Anti-Gay Appetizer That’s Just Deep Fried 50 Dollar Bills

Smoked Unregulated Free Market Policies Aren’t Gouda for Society Mac and Cheese

Baked Oh No It’s Really On Fire We Have to Do Something about Climate Change Alaska

Clean Water, But for Everyone