Lil’ Baby Corn on the Cob

Lil’ To No Consolation

Lil’ Typo

Lil’ Sparkle in Your Eye

Lil’ Light Headed

Lil’ Chat, Man to Man

Lil’ Finicky

Lil’ Late Night Snack

Lil’ Dill Pickle

Lil’ Power Nap

Lil’ Rascal

Lil’ Ian (pronounced “Lillian”)

Lil’ Airplane Liquor Bottle

Lil’ Misunderstanding

Lil’ Things in Life

Lil’ Mishap

Lil’ Over Excited

Lil’ Personal Pan Pizza

Lil’ Favor to Ask

Lil’ Dash of Salt

Lil’ Man Syndrome

Lil’ Bit of an Adventure

Lil’ Ironic

Lil’ Stain on Your Shirt

Lil’ Short on Rent

Lil’ Unexpected

Lil’ Dose of Reality

Lil’ Wonky

Lil’ Spat

Lil’ Product Sample in the Mail

Lil’ Taste Test

Lil’ Bachelor Apartment

Lil’ Beer Fridge

Lil’ Wry Smile

Lil’ Ray of Sunshine

Lil’ Wisp of Hair

Lil’ Piece of Food in Your Teeth

Lil’ Fart, Big Stink

Lil’ Peep Hole

Lil’ In Stature

Lil’ Weasel

Lil’ Scamp

Lil’ Last Minute Get Together

Lil’ Somethin’ Somethin’

Lil’ Allergic to Cats

Lil’ Chip Off the Old Block

Lil’ Chilly

Lil’ Family Recipe

Lil’ Keepsake

Lil’ Marshmallow

Lil' Past the Expiration Date, But It's Still Good