1. Lil’ Bashful
  2. Lil’ French Peck on the Cheek
  3. Lil’ Soft Jazz in the Background While You Wait
  4. Lil’ Bottle of Spermicidal Lube
  5. Lil’ Sliver of Cake
  6. Lil’ Fortitude Goes a Long Way
  7. Lil’ Hard to Tell at This Point
  8. Lil’ Dainty Tattoo
  9. Lil’ Umbrella in Your Tropical Drink
  10. Lil’ Dick Energy
  11. Lil’ Nibble
  12. Lil’ Tampered With
  13. Lil’ Smirk
  14. Lil’ Too Hot to Handle
  15. Lil’ Sidetracked by Social Media
  16. Lil’ Chuckle
  17. Lil’ Change Purse
  18. Lil’ Smudge on My Phone Screen
  19. Lil’ Elbow Grease
  20. Lil’ Long in the Tooth
  21. Lil’ Bump on the Noggin
  22. Lil’ Est Hobo
  23. Lil’ Sluggish
  24. Lil’ Spoon N’ Big Spoon
  25. Lil’ Home Away From Home
  26. Lil’ Bo Peep This
  27. Lil’ Gluten Intolerant, But I Still Eat Bread
  28. Lil’ Whoopsie Daisy
  29. Lil’ Too Big for Your Britches
  30. Lil’ Hotel Shampoo Bottle
  31. Lil’ Antsy
  32. Lil’ Bit of Spending Money From Grandma's Birthday Cheque
  33. Lil’ Slow on the Uptake
  34. Lil’ Food for Thought
  35. Lil’ Dipper
  36. Lil’ Case of the Sniffles
  37. Lil’ Sand in My Bathing Suit
  38. Lil’ Trip Down Memory Lane
  39. Lil’ Prize in the Cereal Box
  40. Lil’ Amuse Bouche
  41. Lil’ Older, Lil’ Wiser
  42. Lil’ Winded from Taking the Stairs
  43. Lil’ Service Fee Not Included in the Price
  44. Lil’ Munchkin
  45. Lil’ Past Your Bedtime
  46. Lil’ Surprised, Honestly
  47. Lil’ Too Clingy
  48. Lil’ Dog Next Door That's Always Barking
  49. Lil’ Indigestion, I'm Fine
  50. Lil’ Thimble Piece in Monopoly
  51. Lil’ Bit of Gratitude Would Be Nice
  52. Lil’ R&R
  53. Lil’ Handsome Devil
  54. Lil’ Decorative Knick Knack
  55. Lil’ Sippy Cup
  56. Lil’ Disappointed in You, Not Angry
  57. Lil’ Cornish Hen
  58. Lil’ Side Hustle
  59. Lil’ Ornery Before My Coffee
  60. Lil’ Too Snug
  61. Lil’ Tete-a-Tete
  62. Lil’ Interruption, Sorry
  63. Lil’ League Baseball MVP
  64. Lil’ Too Tired for Sex—Tomorrow, I Promise
  65. Lil’ Celebratory Jig
  66. Lil’ Too Crass for My Liking
  67. Lil’ Bun in the Oven
  68. Lil’ Pee From Laughing Too Hard
  69. Lil’ Whippersnapper
  70. Lil’ Uncalled For, Don't You Think?
  71. Lil’ Good, Clean Fun
  72. Lil’ Baby Corn on the Cob
  73. Lil’ to No Consolation
  74. Lil’ Typo
  75. Lil’ Sparkle in Your Eye
  76. Lil’ Light Headed
  77. Lil’ Chat, Man to Man
  78. Lil’ Finicky
  79. Lil’ Late Night Snack
  80. Lil’ Dill Pickle
  81. Lil’ Power Nap
  82. Lil’ Rascal
  83. Lil’ Ian (pronounced “Lillian”)
  84. Lil’ Airplane Liquor Bottle
  85. Lil’ Misunderstanding
  86. Lil’ Things in Life
  87. Lil’ Mishap
  88. Lil’ Over Excited
  89. Lil’ Personal Pan Pizza
  90. Lil’ Favor to Ask
  91. Lil’ Dash of Salt
  92. Lil’ Man Syndrome
  93. Lil’ Bit of an Adventure
  94. Lil’ Ironic
  95. Lil’ Stain on Your Shirt
  96. Lil’ Short on Rent
  97. Lil’ Unexpected
  98. Lil’ Dose of Reality
  99. Lil’ Wonky
  100. Lil’ Spat
  101. Lil’ Product Sample in the Mail
  102. Lil’ Taste Test
  103. Lil’ Bachelor Apartment
  104. Lil’ Beer Fridge
  105. Lil’ Wry Smile
  106. Lil’ Ray of Sunshine
  107. Lil’ Wisp of Hair
  108. Lil’ Piece of Food in Your Teeth
  109. Lil’ Fart, Big Stink
  110. Lil’ Peep Hole
  111. Lil’ In Stature
  112. Lil’ Weasel
  113. Lil’ Scamp
  114. Lil’ Last Minute Get Together
  115. Lil’ Somethin’ Somethin’
  116. Lil’ Allergic to Cats
  117. Lil’ Chip Off the Old Block
  118. Lil’ Chilly
  119. Lil’ Family Recipe
  120. Lil’ Keepsake
  121. Lil’ Marshmallow
  122. Lil' Past the Expiration Date, But It's Still Good