1. He keeps showing me his penis without asking, but 9 times out of 10 it seems unintentional.

2. He doesn't seem to care whether or not a movie passes the Bechdel test, but he might know the test is only a guide and not the be-all end-all of feminist film analysis.

3. He often makes aggressive eye contact with me while he poops, but he never pinches off in the house.

4. He gets excited when I feed him, but seems lukewarm when I reach important academic milestones or make advancements in my career.

5. He threw up once while I was reading The Feminine Mystique, but he did it on the hardwood instead of the carpet so it might not have been about me.

6. He sometimes takes up too much space on the couch, which feels like a power move.

7. He prefers to play fetch with a stick, which I think is a pretty phallocentric choice.

8. When we overheard a man in the park say that Shane Gillis should have been able to keep his job at Saturday Night Live, he just sniffed the guy instead of trying to pee on his leg.

9. He barks every time someone comes into the house, which could mean that he thinks my spatial awareness is lacking just because I'm a woman.

10. He farted while I was listening to Lena Dunham's podcast, and I can't tell if it was purely a move of disrespect against an outspoken woman who has found success in the entertainment industry, or an indication that he finds her particular brand of feminism to be problematic in some ways.

11. He just showed me his penis again and it felt intentional this time, but I still can't tell.