A two-paged page-turner you’re guaranteed to finish in a single sitting.” — NPR

“Absolutely gripping—by the time you reach the end, you’ll have no doubt that the main theme in Charlotte’s Web is friendship.” — The Wall Street Journal

“The language positively leaps off the page, from the playful misspellings to the bold run-on sentences. Picture the lovechild of Joyce and Dr. Seuss.” — Margaret Atwood

“A tour de force […] perfectly summarizing the plot of a whole chapter book in just a single paragraph.” — The Paris Review

“We’re all fortunate that the dog didn’t eat this homework. But if he had, the mutt surely would have licked his chops and asked for a second helping.” — Harper’s

“True, this early effort has some rough patches, but the author is clearly destined for greatness: perhaps fifth grade, sixth grade, dare I say even seventh grade?” — The Economist

“Genius, superb, masterpiece—these are a few of the words that appear in the essay.” — The Atlantic

“Breathing new life into familiar characters, Mr. Fitzpatrick has produced a truly staggering achievement. There’s no question that he read this book on his own, without any help from his parents, setting a new bar for all literary criticism.” — Virginia Quarterly Review

“A timely read, turned in exactly when it was due.” — Time

“Surprisingly nuanced. Just when you think you know where he’s going, Fitzpatrick digs into the parts of the story he liked and the parts he didn’t like.” — The Washington Post

“I can hardly wait for the next installment from this promising young author. Maybe a paper about how he spent his summer vacation? The very thought sends shivers down my spine.” — Jonathan Franzen

“Richly layered and complex, certain details will only strike you upon the second or third read, such as the fact that every single sentence begins with the word ‘the.’” — The Guardian

“An absolute pleasure to enjoy anywhere, whether you’re curled up in your easy chair by the fire or nervously reading it aloud in front of the entire class while making absolutely zero eye contact.” — London Review of Books

“This visionary endeavor dares to ask the question, ‘What if I wrote the whole thing in colored pencil?'” — Tom Wolfe

“A seminal work that is bound to be copied by generations of writers to come, as well as by any classmates who sit next to the author.” — Kirkus Reviews

“If you’re searching for something to hang on the refrigerator, look no further.” — My mom