How are things going with your little taxi app?

You’re an entrepreneur? Give me a product, right now, for free! Make something for my cat!

You’re in business? I dabble in business. Have you heard of essential oils?

Have you thought about calling Elon Musk? I bet he’d give you a job making your little computer designs.

Aren’t you kinda old to be getting into businessing?

You’re so brave.

I took a business class in high school. The other day, I had a fun idea for a logistics management chain. I guess that makes me an entrepreneur!

As a kid, I dreamed of being an entrepreneur, but I just didn’t have the raw talent to keep iterating.

My brother started a business once. It didn’t work out too well. He works for a different business now.

Wow, you’re an entrepreneur! I just love Warren Buffett.

Someday you’ll have to grow up and stop doing business and get a real job.

Can you make me an app? No pay, but good exposure. Plus free drinks!

You’ll make it one day. You just need an idea that’s more accessible than people renting out their homes to strangers on the internet.

So you’re tinkering with this little virtual bookstore idea, but what’s your real job?

Coding is a great creative outlet, but only the most talented people become CEOs of publicly traded companies.

Your first business idea failed. Maybe you’re just not talented.

Congrats on your $9 million seed funding. I could have done that, but my ideas are too edgy for people to buy.

Most great entrepreneurs aren’t recognized until they’re dead. That’s why they’re called “starving innovators.”

Five years in and still not a billionaire? Do you feel like a failure?

Congrats on your $3.2 billion valuation! Too bad that’s not real money.