Astonishing! Coworker Who Suggested Potluck in the First Place Only Signs Up for Napkins and Paper Plates

When the signup sheet finally came around, Kelly Brandt—who said, ‘This potluck could be a real change of pace for this dull office,’ and even bragged during the initial meeting that she could make one hell of a lasagna—only signed up to bring basic paper products, citing, ‘Well, you know, this week is real hectic, and I don’t know if I’ll have the time to make it, it’s a real chore.’”

Our Top Ten Choices for Lean Cuisines (You Won’t Believe #7!)

“#5. Lasagna
#6. Orange Chicken
#7 Lasagna (Again! We love it that much!)
#8 Beef and Broccoli”

Heartbreaking: This Makeup Tutorial Doesn’t Take Into Consideration the Fact That I Don’t Leave the House

“The YouTube make-up guru really started laying out some very bold choices for this new spring look, and I have to admit, I was a little worried it would be too much. Luckily, I will never have to see the reactions of others because this look is only for the audience in my studio apartment: me and my fish.”

We Ranked All of Tom Hank’s Movies and #1 Might Surprise You!

“#1: Forrest Gump

Woah! This Dude You Knew in High School is Really Living His Best Life in New York

“According to Instagram, Tim Gofman from your AP Biology class is now really living his best life. He just posted a photo with the Statue of Liberty with the caption ‘New York State of Mind' just days after dropping an Instagram story of what he thought was the fountain from the opening of Friends saying, ‘If you know then you know.’ Unbeknownst to him, everyone knows…”

“Update: Gofman just posted a boomerang of the Times Square saying, “I can get use to this.” Seems like your former classmate really gets the New York lifestyle!”

Poll: What Should Go Next to My Pulp Fiction Poster?

  1. A marquee-style letter of my first initial
  2. My other Pulp Fiction poster

Your Roommate Just Repainted Her Room and You Will Not Believe the Color She Chose!