1. Everyone around you is obsessively interested in something you’ve never heard of.
  2. An important work of literature is being discussed. You have not read it.
  3. You are mostly silent.
  4. People are talking about everyday objects like chairs and coins. They are talking about the human mind and reality itself.
  5. Translation is controversial.
  6. An entire life has been spent on something no one knows about.
  7. It’s less about facts and more about how you know facts.
  8. You’re completely lost.
  9. Most of the plot elements of a story have been mentioned. They don’t fit together the way you think they do.
  10. Someone gives a long explanation. It only raises more questions.
  11. You’re amazed one person can remember that much.
  12. Your basic ideas about the universe have been challenged. Nothing has happened.
  13. There sure aren’t many women.
  14. At first, everything was all politics but now it’s all philosophy.
  15. Someone just mentioned author Jorge Luis Borges.
  16. WWII just came up; the subject definitely isn’t WWII.
  17. Most of the books are unintelligible.
  18. It all goes on for unimaginably long periods of time.
  19. At least you can definitely leave.
  20. The last sentence completely changes your interpretation of everything before it.

19: You’re just in a room with some professors
1-18, 20: Both