Therapy Notes – Jesus C.

  • In close contact with both parents
  • No siblings
  • Mother is loving and caring
  • Mom got mad at him for running away as a child – so that he could go to the temple?

  • Mother is young/Married to Joseph (step-dad)
  • Joseph is a virgin
  • No, Mary is a virgin
  • His dad gave(?) him to Mary – clearly adopted
  • Sketchy dad
  • His dad is not here, but he says his dad is everywhere (denial?)
  • This guy has definitely never seen his dad
  • He’s definitely adopted
  • Worries about death…really thinking about his death…likes to talk about death
  • Healthy young man, people tell him to gain some weight (give him Carl’s chili recipe?)
  • Continues to worry because he knows he's gonna die…. ok ok
  • He's okay with this … (death wish/psycho?)
  • He's okay because he's going to forgive my sins….lol (arrogance?)

  • He’s never had many close friends, but loves everyone (?)
  • Well 12 guys in particular follow him everywhere he goes….a bit suspicious of one of them
  • Likes wood working and helping people “with ailments” (encourage path to medical school?)
  • He’s sad his mom wasn’t impressed with the chair he built her
  • The chair was not properly sanded, so there were many splinters
  • His mom got a splinter in her butt
  • Says she has to ice her butt everyday now
  • He finds this a little funny and isn’t sure if that’s wrong