Dancing Jokes

Top 10 funny things about dancing:

  1. If there was one man who could dance like Michael Jackson did back in his hey-day, every guy would instantly lose their girlfriend : The White Man's Guide to Dancing
  2. Girls will dance anywhere (e.g. in an elevator) and on anything (e.g. a bar stool): A Drunk's Guide to Bar Hopping
  3. Tap-dancing, unlike the usual bump and grind, is a great way to impress your girlfriend's parents: MasterCard PayPass: For Tap Dancing Idiots
  4. People will dance to anything, from Whitesnake to Cher to even Willie Nelson: The Ultimate Soundctrack of Our College Lives
  5. Japanese people are pros at it….once it's a way of playing a video game: My Dance Dance Resolution
  6. Some names for different types of dances seem like they came from random objects, like The Sprinkler, The Trucker Driver and The Funky Chicken: The White Man's Guide to Dancing
  7. Its so popular, some people even do it as a professional career in classy venues: All Twelve Days of Christmas Explained
  8. Sometimes they won't work, but your own personal set of dance moves can help you find a girl's bed to sleep in: Cocktails and Frat Parties, Part I
  9. You rarely will find a girl dancing by herself because they travel in packs at nightclubs : Beer Goggles 2.0
  10. It may not seem like it, but a successful dance-off with someone you like includes a lot of eye-fucking: I Saw You Eye Fucking Me
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