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What's so funny about old people?

  1. Even Lord Glaxnor can't stand them: Lord Glaxnor Says All Old People Must Die
  2. They don't appreciate things like the “Senior Menu”: Total Crocs: Suze Orman, Other People's Pets, and Old People
  3. Not much, if you're driving behind one on a two-lane road: You Drive Me Crazy
  4. Watching them stave off death, one workout at a time: Dear Old People at the Gym
  5. They still sleep with dolls when they get lonely: Japanese “Social Security” Dolls for Elderly to be Poorly Made in America
  6. The way they position their carts to block traffic in grocery stores: The War on Rudeness
  7. When they embarrass themselves trying to lift heavy things: Old Dude and the Antique Fire Alarm
  8. They steal stuff too: Forty Dollars with a Vengeance
  9. All they can do is sneeze online: Old Man Sneezing
  10. Conversing with them about the same thing every Christmas: How You Spent Christmas Day

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