Airplanes Jokes

  1. Even though you're really high up there, it's never a good idea to get high and get on one: Pills on a Plane
  2. Long flights to Europe aren't meant for sleeping, they're meant for drinking: Good Weird Moment in a Little League Tulip Field
  3. It's incredibly hard to find a flight attendant that looks like she belongs under a bridge with the other trolls: Flight Attendant on the Air Up There
  4. People still think seatbelts can save people from horrific and explosive plane crashes: Parachute System Full of Holes, Laughs Spencer's Gifts
  5. You can now jump out of one because you want to: Extreme Sports World Tour
  6. The Mile High Club is something everyone wants to do, but it's more of an accomplishment if done with a total stranger: Guide to the Airport Hookup
  7. You can never sit in the seat you were assigned because three other people claim they have the same seat: US Airways Flying Circus
  8. Criminals think it's a great thing to sabotage, but how many bad guys actually know how to control one?: Hostage at LAX
  9. You never get to sit next to someone that's somewhat attractive, or single or doesn't have kids: The War on Rudeness
  10. Almost everyone shows up late for their flight: Flight 402