Bouncers Jokes

Top 10 funny things about bouncers:

  1. Since they're more badass than motorcycle gang members, hell is full of them: Five People You Meet in Hell
  2. They get lipped more than the geeks used to in high school: Be There or Beware
  3. The fights they have with drunk college students are epic; think The Incredible Hulk destroying a group of army soldiers: Fake IDs: Close Encounters With the Law
  4. Despite not being educated a lot when they were younger, they know their math because they judge the “bar-worthy” girls by their cup-size: Olympic Sports That Ought to Exist But Don't
  5. They have cool nicknames like The Demon, Fruity Pop, New Guy, Dumbass, Retard…: 11 Awesome Things About Being a Bouncer
  6. Cops are jealous of them because they get force more brutal authority without all the paperwork: 11 Awesome Things about Being a Bouncer
  7. Even though they probably didn't graduate from high school, they have the power to tear your fake ID into a million little pieces: College-Bound: Great Sexpectations
  8. Believe it or not, there is such a thing as a midget bouncer: A Drunk's Guide to Bar Hopping
  9. They don't need a hobby because they already enjoy collecting fake IDs: ID/Apocryopha
  10. Even if they have a ZZ Top Beard and a skull tattoo, girls will take about a million pictures with them: 11 Awesome Things about Being a Bouncer

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