Computers Jokes

Top 10 funny things about computers:

  1. Fixing a computer problem all by yourself is a bitch: Parental Computing Aggravation
  2. Some of us have been caught by our parents doing sexual things in front of them: College Party Planning
  3. They're a college student's savior, best friend, companion and did I forget to say savior?: Guide to Essential College Friends
  4. We'll leave our messaging service online even though we're not there: AIM Default Away Message Parodies
  5. Computer viruses are like exes—they're simply a bitch to get rid of: Summer Internship: Behind the Scenes
  6. Everybody hates cleaning the screens because they never get that sparkly, smudge-free shine: College Parody Resume
  7. Because of internet porn and viruses, most of us have been forced to buy another one at some point: My Organs and I Go to Work
  8. Students never turn them off because it takes too goddamn long: The Boundaries of Drunken Communication
  9. People actually owned them before the internet was created: Every College Bowl Game Known to Man
  10. Some of us haven't evolved to home keys yet and still type with one finger: My Typing Award

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