When we aren't serving up ads for the latest Ben Stiller blockbuster or rot your teeth like a meth addict but too colorful and tasty with vodka to pass up soft drink, occasionally we serve some banners that reflect the content of a page (so you can learn more, for example, about products offered by prostitutes, thong manufacturers, and Satan).

But the following ads I saw on Allen Waters' latest, “Six Everyday Conversations Under Alcohol-Induced Honesty,” have to take the cake for “Best Ad Combo Ever” on PIC. It's as if the ad serving system itself was also coaxed into running the two messages it's always wanted to, but was afraid to display until it got tipsy.

Ladies and gentlemen, the two groups who would love to brainwash you into becoming less of a college student: sober people and religious people…

Alcoholic and Scientology ads