Late night post. Good shit. Keep brief. No modifiers/articles/logical disjunctions.

I've got my radio show tomorrow, which I have (and Nate has) written about IN A TIME KNOWN AS THE PAST, and if you listen, you'll get to hear 1) badass classic rock and 2) what I sound like on the radio, which has probably been a wish of yours since birth, or conception.

Just go here, download the mp3 stream (under, predictably, “Select an MP3 Stream”), and use the wonderful iTunes (or similar) application to hear me for yourselves on this and other Sundays, from 3-4. Post meridiem.

Also, if you want to call in and speak with me, the station hotline numbers are (919) 860-0881 or (919) 515-2400, whichever you feel more emotionally committed to. If I'm not on the line already or in the middle of something really important, I will answer, calling myself “The Dude” and saying something nice to the effect of “how can I help you.” Just tell me you're a reader and I'll give ya a shout-out on-air.