Sometimes I feel like too many videos we laugh at these days are TOO zany, wild, outrageous, constructed, or setup. Is there a such thing as getting too much funny? Like if you leave TBS on in the background for long enough, eventually you even lose the motivation to laugh at Family Guy.

That's why it's refreshing to get a dose of stuff like this every now and then:

I love how different classes of society have different meanings of what's funny. For instance, growing up in a middle class family, my sister and I thought it was funny to do things like wrap really small presents in huge boxes to disguise what the real gift was. Then we'd stuff all kinds of crap around the small present to make the gift feel heavy. Of course, inside jokes played out as we opened box after box, each successively smaller than the next, and from old toys we already had. Kind of like a corny Christmas morning gift version of those Russian nested dolls. Except you eventually GOT to something, which made it all “happy middle class family jokish.”

Honestly, I think growing up poor would've been much more hilarious. Thanks a lot, DAD, for keeping a job and food on the table. Didn't you know hardship is comedy?