Your Slack Wrapped 2021 is here!

This year was anything but normal! Your office was work from home again and you haven’t spoken to a coworker in person in almost two years. Believe us, it shows! Your social skills have dwindled and, lucky for us, your interactions happen exclusively in our Slack channels.

Ready to get into the thick of it?!

  • Your most typed phrase was “no worries if not.”
  • You qualified your sentences with “just” 999 times.
  • You said “heading out for a bit, will be on later” 26 times. 26 times you never came back.
  • You made your coworkers laugh in the “#funny” channel 0 times.

You spent 49 hours listening to our ear-piercing message alert sound…

That’s more than 99% of Slack users, who mostly mute our alerts, but you can’t because of your crippling FOMO.

You rarely understood the assignment…

In fact, you asked your boss 92 useless questions about work projects you should have already had the answer to.

There was one Slack channel that lived in your head rent free… #office-dogs

You spent innumerable hours trying to take a cute picture of your pet only to be repeatedly upstaged in *heart reactions* by your coworker’s corgi puppy.

Your most uncomfortable Slack typo with a client was… “I will send that draft to you in a sex.. I mean sex! SEX! Sexond!!”

Your office aura: grim and a tad needy.

Thanks for making us a regular part of your irregular year, not that you had a choice! Now go forth and share your best jokes in #funny! We’ll undoubtedly see you back here next year.