A New Day + Port

This dessert wine gives the strongest notes of blackberry pie from the “farmers market” (your niece's Girl Scout Troop’s neighborhood fundraiser pie). Please enjoy this room-temperature glass in your favorite black mid-rise dress. Or, that sleeveless linen top to honor her one single star on target.com. She deserves better, and your forearm stains are permanent enough to prove it.

AVA & VIV + Pinot Noir

The red-berry notes that also somehow resemble a boiled mushroom in your choice pinot are a perfect match for any outfit from the inclusive Tarjay brand that houses your favorite lounge and preppy wear.

Whether you’re on your way to visit your family and get trapped in a conversation with your twice removed uncle who was also your middle school principal, or if you’re lying on the floor while “Falling” by Harry Styles plays on repeat, you’re guaranteed to feel oddly content.

A short-sleeved linen top with a medium wash skinny jean? “Not the Beachwood Café, Harry, no,” before splashing the entire glass on your face to get it together.

That sleeveless floral-coral tiered dress? “Yes, I am a fifth-year college student, Uncle Tom!” And then chugging it in ten seconds before darting back to the safety of your cousins’ cocker spaniel.

Shade and Shore + Riesling

The intense aromas that rise from your pre-chilled wine glass offer the fruity notes of a fat and waxy honeycrisp apple and bagged pears from TJ's. What better pairing could you possibly have other than a moment of silence in an animal print one-piece, that your significant other considers a “2.5-piece because, like, the belly-button cut-out that leads to your armpit?”

To be enjoyed in your make-shift beach made from Nana’s hand-me-down kiddie pool. Mulch is the new sand.

Stars Above + Rosé

Fresh strawberry notes that clang with melon and fresh rose aromas? There couldn’t be a better adult-bev than this pink-queen to pair with this lounge-wear brand! Your soft oatmeal-heather jogger-suit will never be lounged in like they had been before once you experience this combo.

If your lounge shirt is in the wash, please add an ice cube to experience the graphic-print PJ top/pant combo.

Wild Fable + Champagne

Your favorite orange and cherry fizz-fest can easily be paired with any fit made from this affordable Madewell selection. Enjoy your fruity, yet somehow nutty bubbles in that boxy cropped short sleeve and any high-rise distressed jean you deem fitting before you skim the first chapters of Little Fires Everywhere—we know the TV volume was cranked up the second you touched that book, and there’s no shame in multi-tasking.

Xhilaration + Cabernet Sauvignon

Whether you choose a 1985 leather-couch tasting cab or a one that gives off your favorite less-than ripe plum aroma, you’re guaranteed to enjoy any glass of this popular red! That floral smocked-top button-front dress? Open your bedroom window five minutes into the sunset and gulp down that liquid burnt vanilla-cherry chalice. Or, wait until 2 AM to sippy-sip your liquid licorice-tobacco while you watch re-runs of The Sopranos in your pitch-black living room.