Prince Harry and Meghan Markle just got married and became the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. Their marriage also ended the bachelorhood of the remaining eligible English prince. Just because we can no longer dream of being married to an English prince doesn't mean that we don't get to behave like princesses in real life!

Here are some examples of how we're already living royal lives.

We get to clean the house like Cinderella and Snow White.

While Meghan got to have a beautiful wedding broadcast all over the world, we totally score, too: we get to mop and scrub like two Disney princesses! We can get our Cinderella on as the toilet brush falls off the wand and we have to fish it out of the bowl.

Meghan got to accessorize with a tiara and we get to accessorize with the gunk that came out of the drain trap! Snow White cleaned up after small, messy beings. Whether it's our pets or our children, we've all been there.

We can surround ourselves with an icy kingdom like Elsa.

The UK isn't in perpetual winter, but Arendelle was, thanks to Queen Elsa. (She was once a princess, so we'll count her here.) While Elsa had magical powers to create her icy wilderness, our kingdom is icy mostly because we can't afford to keep the heater set to a comfortable temperature. We also just can't afford a mechanic to fix our car heaters.

On the plus side, our dwellings are cold enough to house snowmen. It's no big deal that our Olafs can't actually come to life…

We can be concerned with prematurely grey hair like Anna.

Could Meghan have looked more beautiful, with her perfectly imperfect hairstyle? We can give our hair lots of attention in a princessly fashion, too. That random gray hair that keeps popping up, even though we're really not old enough for that happen? Hey, we're not alone. Anna went through it, too.

I'm sure before too long, an ice salesman with a reindeer will come along to sweep us off our feet.

We can be awoken from a deep sleep by our true love.

I don't think Meghan and Harry found each other this way, but several Disney princesses were brought out of a deep sleep with a kiss from their true love. That happens to many of us so regularly!

I mean, it's not with a kiss. It's usually because our significant others kick us when we're asleep, snore really loudly, or wake us up because they can't find something. If we're not coupled up, our true furry loves wake us up with face licks teaming with halitosis each morning or a dead mouse left on the pillow.

See? Our stories are just as romantic as those of Aurora and Snow White!

We can become so isolated that we strike up friendships with household objects like Belle.

The royal wedding was attended by hundreds of people, all there to share their happiness for the new couple. If you can't find a crowd to support you, do what Belle did and make friends with household objects.

If you think about it, don't we do that all the time? Like when we are loath to depart from our cherished blanket and pillow friends each morning? Our overwhelming love for the coffee-maker could make any BFF pair jealous! And I could write sonnets for my beloved refrigerator, holding my most prized possessions. Let's not even get started on our strong connection to the TVs that bring sexy guys like Aidan Turner and Hugh Jackman into our homes.

Sometimes our only make-out options are frogs.

Princesses are always getting smooched and we can get kisses, too! I mean, mostly like Tiana, who was really only propositioned by a frog, and he was only doing it so he could get something out of it. But hey, if we're going through a dry spell, a frog's not the worst option. If we're lucky, it'll be one of those ones that causes a psychedelic reaction. Let's see Prince Harry do that…

We can spurn the advances of creepers like Gaston.

Meghan likely spurned advances from some men before finding her prince, much like Belle. Who among us hasn't had to get the weirdo from down the hall to leave us alone? Or perhaps the guy from high school who keeps messaging you on Facebook? Or all the self-professed “nice guys?” Sing with me:

No one's full of it like “nice guys,” is actually rude like “nice guys,” no one expects sex in exchange for being polite like “nice guys…” We've all had to evade them like Belle.